Two additional campers see ‘Peak District Panther’

Two additional campers see ‘Peak District Panther’

A youngster who released video of a “panther” attacking a sheep in the same region has convinced a wild camper who heard a bloodcurdling roar from his tent in the Peak District that it was a large cat.

Josh Williams, 17, and a buddy were out in the British countryside wild camping when they observed what seemed to be a panther watching over a flock of sheep in the distance.

The boy claimed to have seen a panther strolling from Mermaid’s Pool in Derbyshire, despite the fact that panthers are often located in the humid tropical woods of Asia and Africa.

Two other people have now come forward to support his account.

Even before Josh posted the film, YouTuber Novice Wildcamper revealed in a video that, while camping in the Peak District, he had heard a large cat snarling from his tent.

Not sure whether you heard it, he remarked at the moment. I’m not sure whether the camera caught it. God is aware of it.

It has a strange, guttural tone.

He wrote: “There have been reports of huge cats nearby, but no genuine evidence.” after posting the video. The second sound was undoubtedly ominous.

Numerous others commented on the video, including one who claimed to have grown up near pumas and worked at a zoo.

I’ve heard the sounds that lions, leopards, and tigers make, so I know it was a huge cat, he remarked.

The second noise, on the other hand, didn’t sound like a huge cat, a deer, or a dog; it came from a distance that was considerably greater.

He is now persuaded that he personally had a close brush with the large cat after seeing Josh’s clip.

In October 2021, Glossop resident Tracy-Jane Fielding claimed to have seen a huge cat while camping in the Peak District.

When I first heard it, I was terrified. We had lights outside, so when I swiftly glanced out of my motorhome window, I could make out that it was a large, black wild cat. Because of its long, flowing tail, it was unlike a dog, she told the Derbyshire Times.

I was attempting to identify the sound and shriek that the animal it had devoured had made; I believe it was a barn owl with white feathers. When the owl attempted to flee, it uttered this horrific shriek for dear life after making this jump and pounce and roaring.

Ms. Fielding adds that since she froze, she was unable to take a photo before the beast turned back and fled from view.

Ms. Fielding is now positive she saw a black panther after seeing the video Josh posted.

When Josh described his alleged sighting of the panther, he said it sounded like it was chowing down on the remains of another animal.

Josh said that while he was certain that what they saw was a large animal that resembled a panther, he was unsure of exactly what they had seen.

We both found it confusing at first, he added, and it looked to have a long black tail, indicating that it wasn’t a sheep.

In an effort to gain a closer look at the animal’s face and out of fear for their own safety, the two youngsters made an effort to catch the animal’s attention.

People who dispute the idea that the animal is a panther have criticized the film. Others have stated it may be a cow or calf, while others have remarked it’s probably just a plastic bag flying in the wind.

The Big Cat Conversations podcast’s presenter, Rick Minter, told MailOnline that the video does seem to show a “panther-sized cat over prey.”

It’s not as clear as we’d want, but in my opinion, the video supports what the two witnesses reported, he said.

If it is a large cat, Mr. Minter said it is probably a black or melanistic leopard.

He said that one of his podcast listeners who lives close to the Peak District saw the location where the movie’s ram corpse with a black head was discovered.

He noticed that reports of large cats that resembled black leopards had been made in Britain for a number of years.

The majority of accounts seem reliable, and in many instances, dogs and horses exhibit the same reactions as the witness. Because they are ambush predators, these cats are stealthy and covert, and they are most active in the morning, evening, and at night.

Observations, according to Mr. Minter, point to the large cats possibly reproducing in the region after regulations passed in 1976 that made it more difficult to maintain such creatures as pets and led to “releases of trophy pets” into the wild.

Even Josh and his companion had concerns about what they had seen throughout the tiresome journey home, he said.

But it also raises the question, “What the heck is it?” he continued.

They were all in a state of shock when I showed the film to my college instructor and pals to make sure I wasn’t going insane.

“I knew that nobody would believe me if I told them I had seen a panther in the Peak District the first time I went camping, so I was delighted I was able to catch it on camera after the incident happened.”

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»Two additional campers see ‘Peak District Panther’«

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