Tulsi Gabbard criticizes Democratic party’s “awake ideological leadership” again

Tulsi Gabbard criticizes Democratic party’s “awake ideological leadership” again

Tulsi Gabbard criticized the Democratic party’s “woke ideological leadership” and referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “a beautiful representation of everything that is wrong with Washington” as she continued to lambaste the party yesterday.

The former Hawaii representative stood for office in 2020 as a Democrat, but she left politics in 2021 and declared on Tuesday that she was quitting the party, blaming the “cowardly wokeness” of its leadership.

She said, “I cannot be a member of a party which intentionally undercuts our freedom,” to Fox News and Tucker Carlson. The Democratic Party of today is run by fervent ideologues who despise freedom. The Constitution is despised by them.

They deliberately look for methods to restrict our God-given liberties, which are protected by the Constitution and include freedom of expression.

However, during a radio interview Wednesday with Brian Kilmeade, Gabbard, 41, reiterated her remarks and cited Kamala Harris as one of the prime instances of the corruption in Washington.

According to Gabbard, “Kamala Harris is the epitome of everything that is wrong with Washington and the Democratic party of today.”

We had a candidate for president who allegedly took great pride in her track record. I used the chance to make her answer for it and give the American people some justification for her actions. She never had any negative effects from using marijuana, but she was pleased to lock individuals behind bars and imprison them for similar offenses.

She said, “I could no longer be involved with a party that is basically fighting and eroding our liberties and is motivated by this awakened craziness.

During a Democratic presidential debate in 2019, Gabbard brutally exposed Harris’ dubious track record as a prosecutor in California when she asserted that Harris had imprisoned more than 1,500 minor drug offenders “and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana” on a radio program.

She also charged Harris of prolonging sentences for innocent inmates and keeping them behind bars in order to benefit from their work for free.

There is no justification for it, and you owe an apology to the victims who suffered while you served as prosecutor, emphasized Gabbard.

Gabbard said on Tuesday that she had “always been an independent-minded person” and that the Constitution came before any political party in her loyalty.

Yes, a Democrat, but an independent one.

My allegiances are quite clear, and I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution both as a soldier in the military and as a member of Congress.

“And that’s an oath I take very seriously,” the speaker said.

She expressed her shock at how the party to which she belonged actively sought to “undermine our liberties” and would not put up with disagreement.

According to Gabbard, the party retaliated by silencing her when she publicly disagreed with them on Syria and their support for the rebels, even going as far as to visit Bashar al-Assad in Damascus.

They deliberately want to eliminate anybody who even dared to raise a doubt about their objective. They will cooperate with big business and corporate media to achieve this.

She said that they were unfriendly toward persons of faith, against religious freedom, and discriminating.

‘You know what, let’s agree to differ,’ the Democratic leadership should have responded, according to the former congressman for Hawaii’s 2nd district.

It speaks to the whole climate of fear that those in authority, the elitists in authority, have stoked, she said, that people are reluctant to tell the truth.

“We have too many people in Washington who are warmongers, servile to the military-industrial complex, and continue to put their own selfish interests or the interests of their donors first, with no mind for the cost and consequence that their decisions have on the American people,” the statement reads. “Instead of taking a stand for peace, prosperity, security, and the freedom of the American people.

Asserting that they were “actively dragging us to the verge of a nuclear apocalypse,” she told Carlson that she strongly disagreed with the Biden administration’s position on Russia.

When asked how other Democrats in Congress had reacted to her decision to leave the party, Gabbard responded there had been none, with the exception of one who sent her a text message with three thumbs up.

She refused to reveal the message’s sender.

United States Army Reserve officer Gabbard had before charged the party of “demonizing the police,” “supporting criminals,” “believing in free borders,” and “driving us even closer to nuclear war.”

With only one month left before the key midterm elections, she also encouraged others who shared her viewpoint to leave.

In a video she released, she criticizes the party, claiming that its members “actively try to destroy our God-given liberties.”

In the first episode of her brand-new podcast, The Tulsi Gabbard Show, Gabbard made the news.

It is unclear whether she will switch parties or stick with her current one.

After announcing her candidacy for president in 2020 and announcing her resignation from government in 2021, Gabbard began to remark on politics. She routinely criticizes the Biden administration and Democrats.

In a tweet, journalist Meghan McCain of DailyMail.com praised Gabbard and wrote: “There are so few independents and free thinkers left in this world, and you are one of them.” We stand by your side. Moving on, upward!

After being elected to the Hawaii House of Representatives at age 21 and serving in the field medical unit of the Hawaii National Guard, Gabbard campaigned for president in 2020 as a Democrat.

She traveled to Iraq in 2004 and 2005, and she worked as a platoon commander with the Army Military Police in Kuwait from 2008 to 2009.

Former Bernie Sanders supporter Tulsi Gabbard has changed her position and this year spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

For her speech in February criticizing the “power elite” and “their co-conspirators in the mainstream media and the security state,” she was given a standing ovation.

In an ideal world, she told the audience, “our leaders would take (former Director of National Intelligence) James Clapper before a court to account for his lying to Congress about how the government is gathering information.”

She started to say, “And they would support the Durham inquiry and Clinton corruption in 2016,” but before she could continue, there was a roar of applause.

She targeted lawmakers from both parties in Congress, saying that while they “talk a good game about civil liberties, when it comes time to cast that vote on things like getting rid of secret FISA courts and protecting our fourth amendment rights to privacy, they vote on the side of the power elite and against liberty.”

Hillary Clinton notably claimed in 2019 that Gabbard was being “groomed” by the Russians, but she avoided mentioning her by name.

Three years before, Gabbard had resigned from her position as a DNC staff member in order to openly back Sanders, who was running against Clinton.

She expressed her belief that the DNC was manipulating the primary in favor of the more mainstream Clinton in an email to then-DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz that was made public by the Wikileaks breach.

She and Republican Senator Mitt Romney got into a fight in April 2022 over her assertions that the United States was sponsoring biolabs in Ukraine. Romney accused her of uttering “treasonous falsehoods.”

Romney was accused by her in a cease-and-desist letter of making “false and defamatory comments.”

In a tweet, Gabbard said that Ukraine had “25 to 30 U.S.-funded bio laboratories.”

She said in the film that “according to the US government, these bio laboratories are engaged in research on deadly viruses.”

These infections have no respect for national boundaries; if they are unintentionally or deliberately broken or compromised, they will soon spread across Europe, the United States, and the rest of the globe, bringing incalculable agony and death.

“These laboratories need to be shut down right once, and the germs they contain need to be destroyed,” added Gabbard.

»Tulsi Gabbard criticizes Democratic party’s “awake ideological leadership” again«

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