Trump will testify today in rape defamation lawsuit

Trump will testify today in rape defamation lawsuit

On Wednesday, Donald Trump is slated to testify under oath as part of a defamation case filed by author E. Jean Carroll.

The seasoned writer said that Trump raped her in the middle of the 1990s after they met by happenstance at a department shop in New York City in a book that was published after he was elected president.

She is now suing Trump after he rejected her accusations by saying that “she’s not my type” and that she had lied to promote her book.

The former president’s attorneys have attempted to defend him by citing a federal provision that shields public servants from defamation lawsuits for remarks made in the course of their employment.

A three-judge panel said last month that Trump, who made his denials in 2019 while president, did qualify as a government employee for the purposes of the Westfall Act.

However, it deferred to the Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals’ judgment on whether Trump’s allegedly defamatory remarks were appropriate for the office of president.

If successful, the federal government would take on the role of the defendant in place of Trump.

After being started by then-Attorney General Bill Barr, President Joe Biden’s Justice Department has continued to support Trump’s assertion that the government should intervene.

However, US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan’s refusal to allow the former president to postpone his October 19 deposition handed a setback to Trump’s argument last week.

Kaplan argued that the defendant shouldn’t be allowed to “run the clock out” on the plaintiff’s effort to get redress for what was apparently a grievous violation.

Trump’s legal actions in the matter, according to him, were ‘inexcusable.’

As this Court has already noted, Mr. Trump has been litigating this matter since it started in 2019 with the effect of prolonging it and undoubtedly with the intention of doing so, Kaplan said.

Currently, the trial is slated to begin in early February.

Both Carroll and Trump’s attorneys have been contacted by for comment.

Wednesday’s anticipated deposition of Trump will be his second of the year.

When he was removed from office in August by Letitia James, the attorney general of New York, he allegedly used his Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination more than 400 times.

Trump and his three oldest children met with James’ office to discuss a probe into the operations of their family’s real estate firm.

In September, the Democratic official filed a complaint against all four of them as well as the Trump Organization, charging them of intentionally using false financial statements to get advantageous loans and business dealings.

»Trump will testify today in rape defamation lawsuit«

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