Tristan Stubbs has unbottled ‘realness’

Tristan Stubbs has unbottled ‘realness’

Be More Enthusiastic. As its name implies, the Golden Globe-winning TV show’s main message is to caution viewers against having unrealistic expectations for the program.

In addition, Larry David, the show’s creator, sought to temper expectations after the success of his other popular comedy Seinfeld in the entertainment sector.

But what does cricket, in particular, have to do with a Hollywood TV show about sports?

Tristan Stubbs, a fun-loving surfer from Knysna, is a good example for me to mention since it’s difficult not to get enthused about him.

While everyone may be on the Dewald Brevis hype train, Stubbs is the one who really gets my heart pumping.

I haven’t been this enthused about a young South African batter in at least a decade.

On both sides of the wicket, especially straight down the ground, he hits the ball with equal force and is as clean as a whistle. He establishes a strong foundation and swings effortlessly through the ball.

He is the ideal contemporary package because he can bowl, maintain wicket when necessary, and play absolutely flawless defense.

It’s understandable why the Sunrisers Eastern Cape were prepared to shell out R9.2 million for the child in the SA20 auction.

However, what really strikes me about him is his attitude. Speaking to the media doesn’t involve any pre-planned, media-savvy clichés, in contrast to Brevis, who has already become a PR machine.

One should anticipate spontaneous, sincere responses from a 22-year-old.

Like he remarked last week, when asked about joining his 2019 SA Schools and current Proteas colleague Marco Jansen at the Sunrisers, “It’s going to be amazing playing with ‘Plank’… oops, sorry, I mean Marco.”

Stubbs exudes a “realness” that is impossible to contain, and it goes hand in hand with his unmatched work ethic.

Due to this, this article serves both my own needs and those of the larger South African cricket audience.

Stubbs is the subject of expectations, similar to those that Herschelle Gibbs endured throughout his playing career.

The same is true for every “bums-on-seats” superstar who has ever participated in the sport. When they are dismissed, many of the people who purchased tickets to see them alone leave. Afridi Shahid, please.

It’s a huge responsibility for a child to carry.

I hope that instead of expecting “Stubbsy” to win the upcoming T20 World Cup by himself, we will allow him to mature, develop, and simply enjoy the rollercoaster ride.

He will fail, that much is true; however, when he does, he shouldn’t be crucified because, due to his undeniable talent, he will also help South Africa win numerous matches.

Therefore, temper your enthusiasm because Tristan Stubbs is a long-term player and not just a one-hit wonder.

»Tristan Stubbs has unbottled ‘realness’«

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