Thuso Mbedu receives lovely welcome from her South African fans

Thuso Mbedu receives lovely welcome from her South African fans

When Thuso Mbedu, a South African international actress, visited the nation recently to promote “The Woman King,” her admirers showered her with love and support.

In the run-up to the movie, Mbedu and other cast members, including Siv Ngesi and John Boyega, visited various locations, including the Wits School of Arts, Daliwonga Secondary School, and the non-profit organization Save the Children South Africa. There, they engaged with fans and held “warrior training.”

The acclaimed actress has at last got some time to think back on the love and support she has received from her home nation after all the excitement surrounding the SA press tour.

This was the first day of the South African press trip, she posted on Instagram. It was incredible. Actually, I’m at a loss for words to adequately convey the experience.

“We appreciate everyone who joined us at Warrior Training and the hospitality of the NSA, @savethechildrensouthafrica, Daliwonga Secondary School, and Wits School of Arts.

“Hello, South Africa.” For myself and the actors of The Woman King, you made an unbelievable effort to show up. May you treat others as kindly as you treated me. I wish you many blessings. I really hope you are able to realize all of your aspirations, Mbedu said.

Her followers praised the post and expressed their support for the South African-born actress in the comments.

“You’re actually something else and something that has never occurred in history,” said @whocares33333_. I had a feeling you would succeed the moment I first saw you on Side Dish. I adored your persona, SM.

“We love you Queen Thuso and are behind you every step of the way,” stated @nonhlanhladubazane23. Nana, go forward and upward.

The remark from @thismarjymarj was: “May you be blessed! We appreciate you making us proud!

With a troop of all-female warriors, Viola Davis plays the major role in “The Woman King,” which is set in the 1800s. With abilities and ferocity unmatched by anything the world has ever seen, Davis defends the African kingdom of Dahomey.

Gen. Nanisca (Davis) prepares the incoming recruits to battle against a foreign foe that is out to destroy their way of life in response to a new danger.

»Thuso Mbedu receives lovely welcome from her South African fans«

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