The worst to best DCEU movies

The worst to best DCEU movies

“Suicide Squad” is not only the poorest entry in the DCEU, but also one of the worst superhero films ever made. And it is unfortunate.

Sorry puddin’. Will Smith and Harley Quinn were not able to redeem this movie.
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Though Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn won over enough admirers for her to appear in two more DC films, there wasn’t much else about this film that anyone enjoyed.

The picture was overloaded with uninteresting characters, a comedic CG villain, and Jared Leto’s bizarre gangster, tattooed interpretation of the Joker was not well appreciated.

“Suicide Squad” is comparable to “Elektra,” “Catwoman,” and Fox’s “Fantastic Four” remake attempt, despite grossing over $746 million at the film office.

Here you may find our review of “Suicide Squad.”

11. “Justice League” features some young, enthusiastic actors, but they are lost in a mediocre tale with a forgettable, CG-rendered antagonist.

Sorry, Diana. “Justice League” possesses a dearth of exceptional qualities.

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The earliest reviews of “Justice League” condemned the picture for lacking an adversary worthy of the DC superheroes, for having terrible CGI, and for having an uninteresting plot.

Despite a few standout performances from Ezra Miller as The Flash, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, the ensemble seems underdeveloped and pushed through an overstuffed, uninspired tale with a second-rate antagonist who isn’t even the Justice League’s primary foe.

The impact of “Avengers” director Joss Whedon on the film’s attempt to achieve a lighter, more humorous tone is evident. However, it appears that key components of the film, such as the major antagonist and plot, were so fixed in stone when he joined the production that he was forced to work with the cards he was dealt.

When compared to “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” in 2021, the film’s treatment of its female characters makes it nearly unwatchable years later.

Here is the Insider review of “Justice League.”

10. “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was going to be a two-and-a-half hour slog and the Wonder Woman show.

Yes, Batman, you ought to feel embarrassed.

Warner Brothers

You have a problem when the addition of Wonder Woman outshines two of the most famous superheroes in their own movie.

The trailers promised an epic clash between the two titans, but fans were only treated to a tantalizing teaser. The fact that the mothers of the two protagonists had the same name did not aid in resolving their dispute. I wish I were kidding.

Affleck’s portrayal of an older, PTSD-affected Caped Crusader provided a raw, honest vision of the Gotham Knight. The talents of Affleck and Gadot were unable to redeem the film from its ridiculous final act, which included another overly-processed CGI antagonist.

The extended version of “BvS” is far superior to the theatrical edition.

From our research:

“It’s difficult not to believe that much of ‘Batman v Superman’ is DC and Warner Bros.’ painstaking — and costly — attempt to catch up to Disney and Marvel’s well-oiled cinematic world.

At the conclusion of the film, all the pieces fit together, but getting there is a long and difficult journey. “BvS” is a busy film with a large number of characters involved in a single overarching plot, while ensuring there is sufficient setup for future films. Occasionally, the tempo feels hurried. The film is practically gone by the time a villain is introduced.”

Here you can read the complete review.

9. “Wonder Woman 1984” is not better than the original, but its performances are nonetheless enjoyable.

In “WW84,” there is renewed friction between Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine).

Warner Brothers

“WW84” is a satisfying sequel, so long as you don’t worry about it too much. The performances, rather than the somewhat muddled plot, will keep you watching this slightly overstuffed superhero sequel.

The film’s biggest strength is Chris Pine and Gal Gadot’s reunion as star-crossed lovers three years after the original. In 1984, 66 years after the events of the 2017 film, it is delightful to observe Steve Trevor (Pine) attempting to adapt to the fashion and technology of the future.

Gadot steals multiple scenes by her gaze alone. Pedro Pascal successfully portrays one of DC’s more eccentric villains. Kristen Wiig makes an outstanding portrayal as a scientist who gradually transforms into Wonder Woman’s famous foe.

You may begin to ponder the film’s numerous unsolved questions, such as whether or not the film teased and then dropped a romantic storyline between Barbara and Diana, and whether or not Wonder Woman ever returned a stolen jet to the Smithsonian.

Although “WW84” is superficially entertaining, we cannot give it a higher rating because to its numerous plot flaws and the contentious permission dispute between Diana and Steve.

Here is the review of “Wonder Woman 1984” by Insider.

The best things about “Black Adam” are The Rock’s performance and a mid-credits scene.

Dwayne Johnson may be the savior the DC universe requires, but “Black Adam” does not alter the franchise’s destiny.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

In “Black Adam,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson performs admirably. He obviously comprehends the role and commands the screen whenever he appears.

That is why it’s so disheartening that his antihero film, which took 15 years to complete, is mediocre.

In addition to The Rock’s performance, “Black Adam’s” strongest feature is a must-see mid-credits scene, which should not be the case.

The film’s attempt to give insightful commentary on US interference in foreign affairs via the Justice Society of America — a group that’s a step above the CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow” — is overshadowed by its numerous characters (of whom little is developed) and CGI action sequences.

This standalone film suffers the same fate as numerous DC films before it. In a subpar superhero film, it provides some intriguing characters.

Here you can read our review.

7. “Shazam” is undoubtedly humorous, with a charming Zachary Levi and an unexpected conclusion. Aside from that, the picture is average.

Zachary Levi is the most compelling aspect of “Shazam!”

Warner Brothers

“Shazam!” is not a Batman or Superman film, yet it is chock-full of product advertising for both heroes, from backpacks to T-shirts to a real Batarang. When you can’t go an entire DC film without reminding viewers that your other heroes are still out there somewhere, you might want to make sure you have a few decent films with existing characters before introducing new ones.

It is therefore somewhat surprising that “Shazam!” is a decent film. It is hardly the best superhero film. The first half-hour is somewhat obnoxious. When Levi eventually enters the picture, the situation improves. However, this film is really a superhero adaptation of the film “Big.”

In this film, the DCEU continues its trend of CG villains with seven grotesque creatures that slightly detract from the whole experience. A surprise appearance of several additional superheroes at the film’s conclusion compensates for some of its less brilliant parts.

This film would have been 10 times better if The Rock’s adversary Black Adam had appeared. “Shazam” is ultimately entertaining, but it was not a DC film anyone was clamoring to see.

Here you can find Insider’s review of “Shazam.”

Jason Momoa reimagines what it means to be the King of the Seven Seas in “Aquaman,” which features aesthetically stunning moments.

Jason Momoa represents a new, charming interpretation of Aquaman.

Warner Brothers

There is so much going on in “Aquaman” that it feels like multiple films in one. I don’t think “Aquaman” is particularly better than “Shazam,” but visually, it has some much better pictures, notably the electric one of Jason Momoa and Amber Heard plunging into the Trench-infested seas with only a red flare to guide them. (Click here to view what I’m referring to.)

Not only is Momoa believable as Aquaman, but he also contributed to redefining the DC hero who became the punchline of every joke due to his innovative interpretation of the character. Even if not all of his jokes landed in the picture, it was clear that Momoa enjoyed playing the King of the Seven Seas.

According to Insider’s review:

“Jason Momoa is a terrific Aquaman, and the underwater world of Atlantis resembles a scene from “Avatar.” Director James Wan gives a unique perspective to the DC universe with some great and intense visual moments. However, certain elements feel overly cartoonish, some gags fall flat, and the picture continues to make the same flaws as previous Warner Bros. DC films.

The picture contains elements of “Splash,” “The Lion King,” “National Treasure,” and an original Wan horror film, for better or worse.”

Here you can read the complete review.

5. “Birds of Prey” is a lot of fun and, hopefully, the first of many female-centered superhero films.

Margot Robbie continues to demonstrate why her portrayal of Harley Quinn was the best aspect of the 2016 film “Suicide Squad.”

Claudette Barius/Warner Bros

Margot Robbie was born to play the part of Harley Quinn. She effortlessly brings the eccentric and amusing personality of the Joker’s erstwhile sidekick to life.

DC has always had an advantage in generating female characters for the big screen. The film adds at least two new characters that fans will want to see more of in the future, while spotlighting Harley. Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s Huntress and Jurnee Smollett-Black Bell’s Canary are comparable to Catwoman and Poison Ivy from DC Comics.

With the quirky and vicious gangster Roman Sionis, Ewan McGregor delivers us one of DC’s greatest villains.

The film loses some points for its unconventional storyline. The first hour of the film is told out of sequence from Harley’s perspective, making it difficult to follow on the first viewing. Until all of the film’s elements come together, you might not understand its meaning.

The film holds up even better upon a second watching, despite the absence of explanations for story holes such as where Gotham’s other criminals are hidden.

Overall, “BoP” encourages young women to take action of their life if they are unhappy with the hand they have been given. Due to the fact that it is a film made by women for women, it earns added points for its attention to detail. (Yes, I am referring to the hair tie incident.)

Here is the Insider review of “Birds of Prey.”

4. James Gunn creates one of the most intelligent comic book films you’ll ever see, although you may not realize it until a second watching.

In “The Suicide Squad,” Gunn gets you fall in love with each character before yanking the rug out from under you.

With permission from Warner Bros. Pictures/TM and DC Comics

Do we require another “Suicide Squad” film? Certainly not. However, this is one hell of a good time.

Wrapped in a superhero film is a political thriller that makes a bold statement about the true enemies of the world. In addition to grisly fatalities (some of which will shock you) and nonstop action, the picture also contains a surprising amount of heart.

It is difficult to pick one or two standouts from a big ensemble due to Gunn’s ability to make you fall in love with the most obscure characters, who you should not care about in the first place.

In addition to Sebastian, David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man, John Cena’s funny Peacemaker, and Sylvester Stallone’s King Shark are notable characters.

“TSS” is not only the most bizarre comic book film you will ever see, but also one of the most intelligent.

Here you can read our review.

“Zack Snyder’s Justice League” is the film fans have been waiting for for years.

In his “Snyder cut,” Zack Snyder’s original vision unites the heroes.


Is the Snyder Cut an excessive action? Sure. There are a few sequences that could be shortened by a few minutes, including one with the Amazons and another with women singing. However, this does not really relevant. Snyder undoubtedly believed that this was his last chance to tell a story with these characters in the DC Universe, so he took his time to provide nearly everything that fans had awaited for years.

A new antagonist provides more intrigue to the film’s plot than a third-rate sidekick who merely wants to rule the world. The creepiness level of the previous superhero Steppenwolf from 2017 has been turned down, and you almost feel sorry for this new incarnation, who plainly simply wants the boss’s attention.

The original’s cringeworthy dialogue, Henry Cavill’s mustache controversy, and Russian family have all been eliminated. Diverse heroes have been reinstalled, and the majority of crimes against female characters in the 2017 film have been eliminated or adjusted.

Snyder’s long-awaited concept for the “Justice League” is in every way superior to the theatrical version. Regrettably, sequels will likely never be produced.

Here you can read our review.

2. “Man of Steel” is not flawless, but it is a terrific coming-of-age story about a man attempting to accept his uniqueness.

I will defend “Man of Steel” until my last breath against any detractors.

Warner Brothers

The portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman by Henry Cavill in “Man of Steel” was swiftly panned by both fans and reviewers. Numerous early reviews utilized the adjective “dark” to describe the film. Those who thought it was a dreary, gloomy film were missing the point of what Snyder was attempting to achieve.

This film did not produce a fully-fledged Superman. Instead, it showed Clark Kent learning how to be Superman and accepting that being different from everyone else was acceptable.

Based on our review from 2013:

“Being an alien among humans is terrifying, as Zack Snyder demonstrates by viewing the world through the eyes of young Kent.

It sounds fantastic that Superman has X-ray vision, super strength, heat vision, and supersonic hearing.

In fact, it is not.

According to Snyder, Superman doesn’t see skeletons when seeing people. He observes the muscular systems of humans. That is frightening. The simplest sounds — a door opening, a chair being vacated, and a coffee pot being set down — are deafening…

Is Henry Cavill the most upbeat Superman? No, at the beginning of the film. Who could blame him, though, when his adoptive parents instruct him to conceal the trait that makes him exceptional, and when he is unable to defend himself against the bullies who call him a freak? … The film’s alternative title should be “Superman Begins.””

Here you can read Insider’s complete review of “Man of Steel.”

1. “Wonder Woman” is currently the best film in the DCEU.

The most impressive scene in “Wonder Woman.”

Warner Brothers

So you dislike the third act in which Wonder Woman kills the villain? Why bother? The remainder of the film makes up for it.

“Wonder Woman” contains one of the best scenes roughly an hour into the film. Gal Gadot introduces the superhero suit as she emerges out of the trenches and carefully makes her way across “No Man’s Land,” a war-torn stretch of land in World War I that no one has been able to cross in over a year.

As bullets ricochet off her bracelets, she dashes through the desolate wasteland until she is beyond the danger zone. It is one of several scenes in the film that moved mothers, daughters, and women to tears in the theater.

In our assessment of “Wonder Woman” from 2017, we declared it one of the greatest superhero films ever made:

“Not only does ‘Wonder Woman’ avoid the potential pitfalls of the modern superhero film — a weak plot, a boring villain, and a lackluster third act — but it also proves conclusively that a female-centered superhero film can be just as powerful, heroic, thrilling, and funny as the guys’ (and, I predict, just as profitable).”

Chris Pine is also hilarious and a scene-stealer. (Who would have known?)

But perhaps the best thing “Wonder Woman” did was eliminate the hero’s love interest. It is something that Marvel films have not had the courage to do. In addition, Diana Prince does not rely on romance as a plot device. She is incredible on her own.

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