The King and Liz Truss may address sharper elbows this week

The King and Liz Truss may address sharper elbows this week

When The King and Liz Truss start their weekly audiences this week, they may want to talk about the need for sharper elbows.

At the Prague summit, the prime minister was seated in the back row, upper left, and was almost invisible. Perhaps His Majesty might relate.

Charles, who is used to taking center stage, was pushed to the back row for the group portrait at COP 21 in Paris.

He was horrified as he struggled to be seen behind Chinese President Xi Jinping while standing next to the taller David Cameron. As if this lese-majeste weren’t offensive enough, it turned out that Sir David Attenborough was a more popular attraction in town who had global leaders lining up for a VIP audience.

Fruity broadcaster Kirstie Allsopp reflects on the Russians’ announcement that the Kerch Bridge had reopened after a significant explosion and quips, “If the Russians really have managed to restore the Kerch Bridge, maybe the Mayor of London might persuade them to have a try at Hammersmith Bridge.”

When Henry, sixth Marquess of Bath, and his sons Alexander and Valentine were being interviewed by David Dimbleby, the nobleman, who passed away in 1992, recalled declaring he was leaving Longleat to his oldest, who replied, “I don’t want it.” And the little kid added, “I’ll have it if you don’t,” from behind. Valentine committed himself in 1979, but Alexander, who passed away in 2020, did inherit.

When Sandra Oh hesitated to slap co-star Jodie Comer in a Killing Eve scene, stuntman Jonathan Cohen offered to be attacked by her.

He tells Radio Times, “I want Sandra to hit me.”

“I walked off with Sandra and we went into a corner and she practiced slapping me.”

At least he wasn’t as badly bruised as when he had to tumble into a crisp machine while filling in for Gary Lineker and have half a ton of potatoes fall on him.

He cries, “I badly damaged my ankle on that one.”

A month after Her Majesty’s passing, Steve Coogan awkwardly says, “I don’t want to say it’s a happy coincidence because I’ll be hung, drawn, and quartered,” adding, “But certainly I think it’s helped us.” The Lost King is a drama about the 2012 discovery of Richard III’s remains in a Leicester parking lot. I would remove the Royal Family tomorrow if I had any authority, according to lefty luvvie Coogan.

According to Loose Ends host Clive Anderson, author of Trainspotting Irvine Welsh didn’t meet his third wife Emma Currie until after he had fallen in love with her. He ran across Emma when they were both wearing masks while out and about during the Covid lockdown, claims Clive. They so went months without seeing one other’s faces. He seems to have a sensitive old heart when it comes to romance.

U2 singer Bono, who was 14 at the time, lived for six months on Aer Lingus food that his brother Norman brought him from Dublin Airport when his mother Iris passed away suddenly. Airplane food for lunch and tea was too much for any aspiring rock star, he claims. “I had never flown before, but my love affair with flying was gone.”

»The King and Liz Truss may address sharper elbows this week«

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