Swollen Ankles and Feet Concerning 70-Year-Old Woman After Hot Weather in Unknown City

Swollen Ankles and Feet Concerning 70-Year-Old Woman After Hot Weather in Unknown City

Last year, during a spell of hot weather, my ankles and feet started swelling, and they haven’t returned to normal since.

I’ve been taking amlodipine for my blood pressure, but this medication only started after the swelling began.

Can you offer any advice?

While it can happen in hot weather or after a long flight and usually subsides, persistent swelling can indicate more serious conditions like heart failure or kidney problems.

Interestingly, medications like amlodipine, commonly prescribed for high blood pressure, can also cause swollen ankles as a side effect.

Switching to alternative blood pressure medications might help alleviate this issue, but if the swelling persists, further tests may be necessary to identify the underlying cause.

At the start of the year, I had a persistent cough that lasted two months.

Despite antibiotics clearing the cough, I’m still experiencing breathlessness.

I’m 80 and fairly active. What can I do to improve my breathing?

Dr. Ellie replies: Breathlessness can indicate various health issues, not just lung problems.

It could stem from infections, asthma exacerbations, heart conditions like atrial fibrillation, or even aortic stenosis.

It’s crucial to undergo tests like chest X-rays or echocardiograms to pinpoint the exact cause.

Additionally, conditions like anaemia could contribute, so a blood test might be recommended.

Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment are key to managing breathlessness effectively.

I was prescribed a low-dose antidepressant for chronic back pain years ago, but stopping it led to difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Now, nothing else seems to alleviate my pain.

What should I do?

Dr. Ellie replies: Chronic pain management often requires a multifaceted approach.

While antidepressants can help manage pain, they may not eliminate it completely and can have withdrawal issues.

Combining low-impact exercises like walking or swimming with painkillers can provide relief.

Physiotherapy sessions can also be beneficial, offering tailored exercises to improve mobility and potentially reduce pain levels.

It’s essential to work closely with your GP to explore alternative pain management strategies.

Protecting Against RSV: The Winter Bug You Need to Know About

RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, often mistaken for a cold, can cause severe lung infections, especially in older adults.

Thousands end up in hospitals each winter due to RSV, which can lead to serious complications or even death.

This autumn, all over-75s will be offered an RSV vaccine for the first time, aiming to reduce the severity of the illness and hospital admissions.

If offered, it’s strongly recommended to take the vaccine to protect against this potentially life-threatening infection.

Controversy Around Assisted Dying: A Personal Perspective

The issue of assisted dying, or euthanasia, remains illegal in the UK, sparking intense debates, particularly as more people, including political figures, advocate for a change in legislation.

Recent cases, like that of Antonya Cooper, who admitted to aiding her terminally ill son’s death, highlight the emotional complexity surrounding this topic.

As public opinion evolves, so does the discussion on whether individuals should have the right to choose the timing and manner of their own death when faced with terminal illness.

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