Speculations about Kim Jong-un’s daughter

Speculations about Kim Jong-un’s daughter

Chinese specialists assert that the hidden daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un was first seen during a mass gathering.

Earlier this month, during North Korea’s National Day celebrations, the girl—tentatively identified as Kim Ju-ae—appeared on stage.

She was one of several kids who sang for Kim Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju, but something about her particularly caught the attention of observers.

One analyst, posting under the pen name Samhero on the InDPRK blog, observed how Ri Sol-ju reaches for this specific girl at the conclusion of the programme.

She talks to the child directly while placing her hand on her back, only pausing when she needs to move another girl out of her husband’s way.

She also seems more composed when the other kids crowd around Kim Jong-un and startle with excitement; she even grabs another girl’s arm to stop her from following him too closely.

Additional hints were observed by the analyst during the actual performance: as the singing begins, the camera focuses on her and stays on her for a few seconds before coming back to her repeatedly.

She is the only girl with downswept hair and wearing white socks, so her appearance also stands out.

Additionally, the Kims themselves appear to have a lot of pride in the performance because at one point the camera cuts from the beaming first family to a close-up of the girl.

On occasion, Kim Yo-jong, the sister of the despot, can even be seen wiping away tears.

Others have pointed out that the girl only performed once, while the tyrant was present, and that she didn’t appear again the following night.

According to Michael Madden, a specialist on North Korea’s elite, Kim’s daughter would be the same age as the girl in question.

In 2022, he predicted, “She would be close to ten years old, which is about the age of the girl shown in state media footage.”

He continued by saying that Ri Sol-ju had made numerous TV appearances prior to being recognised as a member of the first family.

He claimed that Madame Ri had performed at concerts and appeared on North Korean television on a number of occasions as a singer, sometimes as a soloist.

“These appearances took place before her July 2012 identification as Kim Jong-wife,” un’s says the statement.

He did stress, however, that Kim might face danger if he made his daughter too well-known.

The top North Korean elites who had close familial or personal ties to his father were the only people who were allowed to interact with Kim Jong-un when he was a child and teenager, according to Mr. Madden.

Without his father’s consent, he and his siblings were unable to interact with North Korean elites.

If they know who the leader’s children are, potential foes among North Korean elites could expose a weakness.

It is possible to gain leverage over the political leadership by abducting or harming the children rather than inciting a coup or insurrection.

This was true of Kim Jong Un when he was a child and could very well be true of his own children.

This dynamic makes it less likely, even among other things, that he would permit his kids to appear on state television, the author continued.

The North Korea Leadership Watch website’s operator, Mr. Madden, a fellow at The Stimson Center in Washington, DC, explained that there were probably more Kim children as well.

When Dennis Rodman visited Kim Jong-un in 2013, he confirmed the existence of Kim Ju-ae, but there have long been rumours about other people.

According to the most recent rumours, Kim Jong-un has three children—two daughters and one son, according to Mr. Madden.

Despite this, the information we have about his children is speculative and contradictory.

Observation of state media images in which Madame Ri appears to be pregnant provided some information about their children.

The ruling regime in North Korea is infamously secretive about its first family.

Only in 2010, the year before the passing of Kim Jong-il, his father and predecessor, was Kim Jong-un himself made known to his countrymen.

There is also growing rumour that Kim Sol-song, the dictator’s half-sister, is the mysterious woman who has been spotted recently trailing the ruler.

Ri Sol-ju is who? Before marrying Kim Jong-un, the former cheerleader and singer had to complete a six-month course.

According to Chris Pleasance of MailOnline

For years, Ri Sol-ju has been pictured travelling with her husband Kim Jong-Un. But who is the dictator’s wife?

Ri’s age precisely, her parents’ identities, and the circumstances of her life before to meeting Kim are all unknowns.

Observers speculate that Ri is really a pseudonym used to conceal her past before marriage, therefore even her identity is still unknown.

She was initially seen in 2012, when Kim was attending a performance, and North Korea later claimed she was Kim’s wife, without providing any other information.

Then, between 2012 and 2014, she made many appearances with him before mostly vanishing from the public eye until lately, when her presence became considerably more noticeable.

At the time of her first identification, sources who spoke to South Korean media said she was a former cheerleader and singer and supplied a birthdate that fell anywhere between 1985 and 1989.

She is said to have been seen in South Korea in 2005 while attending the Asian Athletics Championships with the North Korean cheerleaders.

Others said that she was a member of the Unhasu orchestra and could have entertained Kim and his father, Kim Jong-il, during a 2010 New Year performance.

The Chosun Ilbo newspaper at the time said, “There is a chance Jong-un picked her as his bride after seeing her in the performance venue.”

The BBC mentioned a North Korean singer by the name of Ri Sol-ju, but it has never been established if she and Ki’m’s wife are the same person.

security services in South Korea While acknowledging that she is a singer, you assert that Hyon Song-wol was truly her birth name before she got married.

In another article, the BBC said that Ri and Kim were quickly wed in 2009 as part of a succession plan created by Kim Jong-il after he had a stroke.

Their first kid is said to have been born the following year, with other births potentially occurring in 2013 and 2016 after she vanished from view.

Their middle child’s name is Ju-ae, according to US basketball legend Dennis Rodman, an unusual Kim acquaintance, who revealed it in an interview.

About the other kids, nothing is known.

Ri allegedly had a six-month training on becoming the first lady at the most elite university in the nation—Kim Il-sung University—before she married Kim.

She reportedly graduated from the same institution years ago with a science degree, according to other reports.

Ri was born to a physician mother and an academic father in the province of North Hamkyong in the northeast, according to AFP.

Since such positions are only given to those who are the most devoted to the government, it would make her a member of the political elite.

Ri Pyong-chol, a former air force general and close adviser to Kim Jong-un, is also claimed to be related to her.

Ri is renowned for her appreciation of high fashion, which is rare for a North Korean.

She was originally characterised by the nation’s press as sporting “a trim black suit in the Chanel style” and once gave a Dior bag to Kim Jong-sushi il’s chef Kenji Fujimoto.

She was “simply so charming,” according to Fujimoto, who claimed to have met her. Her voice is so gentle; I struggle to express it.

Ri sat down with Kim Jong-un for negotiations, according to South Korean officials who recently visited the North for those meetings.

They described the couple as being loving and “seeming equal.”

»Speculations about Kim Jong-un’s daughter«

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