South Africa has another ‘holiday swindler’ on the run – as victims lose THOUSANDS

South Africa has another ‘holiday swindler’ on the run – as victims lose THOUSANDS

A group of victims based in the Western Cape have vowed to get their money back from Lize Botha – after they accused the person running Ardent World Travel of scamming them out of their hard-earned cash. For the second time this year, it would appear a South African ‘holiday swindler’ has been caught in the act.

Another holiday swindler exposed in South Africa

Gatvol members of a recently-created online community are desperately trying to locate Botha, after she set multiple clients up with lavish trips and short-term vacations. However, the scam soon fell apart when the hotels her customers were meant to be staying in ‘had no records’ of their respective bookings.

It’s understood that Botha has been collecting the money, keeping it all for herself, and then cancelling the reservations at the last minute. Her horrendous actions have seen some of her targets lose thousands of rands.

Victims recall how Lize Botha scammed them

Cruelly, Botha’s preferred method of defrauding her clients was by running raffle competitions, promising winners that they’d receive vouchers for all-expenses-paid trips. However, testimonies shared to Facebook have been damning.

Ursula Peffer: “We won a holiday to Sun City. Lize never answered her emails, and then claimed I was a ‘no-show’, and after she couldn’t prove the booking, promised a refund. None received.”

Lee Grobler: “Won a holiday on a raffle that was administered… on Lize’s behalf. She was also an administrator on the raffle group. However, there was no communication from her.”

Karen Pretorius: “Lize told us that our holidays were booked, but she never sent any proof. The resort said they had received no booking for us or from her. Again, there was no further communication from Lize.”

Holiday scammer latest: Lize Botha pulls a ‘Tasneem Moosa’

Criminal charges have been laid against Lize Botha – yet the scammer is proving very difficult to locate. She had previously been traced to an address in Ottery, Cape Town, but attempts to track her down have been unsuccessful.

Botha’s social media profiles have been deleted, and she is currently not responding to the frantic slew of phone calls that have come her way in the past few weeks. The jig is up, for both her and Tasneem Moosa.

The CEO of the Hello Darlings travel company was exposed earlier this year, and Moosa had managed to steal MILLIONS from her myriad of clients. Currently out of the country, the fraudulent business owner was forced to liquidate this operation, and her disappearing act left hundreds of victims in the lurch.

»South Africa has another ‘holiday swindler’ on the run – as victims lose THOUSANDS«

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