Seattle is a 2022 Digital Inclusion Trailblazer (NDIA)

Seattle is a 2022 Digital Inclusion Trailblazer (NDIA)

Seattle was selected as a 2022 Digital Inclusion Trailblazer by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance on Monday, August 22. (NDIA). Due to its innovation in digital equality, the city was included on the list for the sixth time. One of the 32 governmental organisations to win this accolade is Seattle.

The six Digital Inclusion Trailblazer requirements were all satisfied by Seattle. Since the recognition program’s introduction in 2016, cities have been competing for a spot on the list.

Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell remarked, “Seattle’s long history of technological innovation isn’t just for the tech industry – it represents development and opportunity for all of Seattle’s inhabitants.”

“With its committed initiatives and funding possibilities, the City of Seattle has been a pioneer and a leader in digital equality for decades.

One of the most important aspects of our aim to create a connected and prosperous One Seattle is bridging the digital divide and ensuring that all neighbourhoods have access to affordable broadband internet.

Six criteria that demonstrate a city or county’s leadership in digital inclusion are used to evaluate trailblazers.

Having a digital inclusion strategy, an open-access alliance, survey research, subsidised digital inclusion programmes, and initiatives to lower the cost of residential broadband connection are a few of them.

“Getting this honour year after year shows how much effort the City of Seattle continues to put into promoting digital equality.

Making ensuring that families have access to Wi-Fi is important, but so is giving them the know-how, resources, and tools to utilise it to improve their lives, according to Sara Nelson, a city councilmember (Citywide Position 9).

The City of Seattle seeks to guarantee that every citizen and community has access to the information technology required for civic and cultural activities, employment, and lifelong learning.

Collaboration with local partners is important to the program’s success.

Shira Rosen, co-executive director of Literacy Source, stated, “We are thrilled that the City of Seattle been awarded a 2022 Digital Inclusion Trailblazer via NDIA, a well-deserved accolade.”

“Literacy Source is pleased to join with the City to promote and advance our Digital Equality Learning Network (DELN) digital equity coalition and to increase the effectiveness of community service providers.

At Reading Source, we assist persons from poor socioeconomic backgrounds in acquiring the fundamental literacy abilities they need to thrive in education, obtain employment, and accomplish their life objectives.

In order to provide Literacy Source students and the larger community with access to devices, the internet, and digital education, we are happy to collaborate with the City of Seattle and other organisations on digital inclusion.

“One of the factors contributing to the success of our programme is community partnership.

The assistance and outreach provided by nonprofits and community organisations significantly enhance the excellent job that our teams are doing. Making ensuring that every student, parent, employee, and citizen has access to the resources they need to succeed in our digital age takes a lot of work.

Interim Chief Technology Officer for Seattle Jim Loter stated, “I’m really pleased of our team and the hard work they’ve put in in this crucial area.

The Internet, Skills and Technology Support, Devices and Applications, and Services are the four Digital Equity Elements that the City of Seattle relies on to direct its efforts in this area.

The City also provides a wealth of tools for citizens, organisations, and non-profits that want to help meet their communities’ needs for digital equality.

By subscribing to the digital equality newsletters at, you may learn more about the projects, such as Internet for All Seattle and the Technology Access and Adoption Study.

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance supports neighbourhood initiatives and gives policymakers the tools they need to take action in order to improve digital fairness.

NDIA promotes broadband access, tech tools, digital skills training, and tech assistance in partnership with more than 800 digital inclusion practitioners.

»Seattle is a 2022 Digital Inclusion Trailblazer (NDIA)«

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