Russian soldiers carry Ukrainian household washing machine into military vehicle

Russian soldiers carry Ukrainian household washing machine into military vehicle

A washing machine was taken from a home in Ukraine by two Russian troops, who then loaded it onto a military truck with a big white “Z” painted on it.

Aerial video taken by a Ukrainian drone shows two of Vladimir Putin’s guards clumsily lugging the appliance out of the home and through a front yard littered with rubbish before hesitating at the property gate.

They can later be seen dragging the washing machine along a dirt road heading back to their military truck, passing it through a gate after taking a little break to gather their breath.

The huge white ‘Z’ identifying Moscow’s military is still visible in the video despite being partly obscured by a tree.

One of the insignia that can be seen painted on several Russian military vehicles participating in the invasion of Ukraine is the letter “Z,” along with the letters “V” and “O.”

Due to its absence from the Russian alphabet, it has also evolved into a national pro-war emblem that the Kremlin uses in its propaganda.

The two soldiers can then be seen putting the washing machine in the car and driving away. As the video comes to a conclusion, they can be seen returning to the home by passing through the gate once again and walking over the grass.

They seem to be plundering a huge home since one of its sides has been substantially damaged, most likely by an explosion brought on by Russian shelling.

One of the windows and a portion of the roof have been blown off, and the garden next to the home is littered with rubble.

On Friday, October 21, the pictures were acquired from the Office of Strategic Communications (StratCom) of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

It was shared on social media along with a statement that read: “The first army of looters, the second army of the world, launched a special operation to release a washing machine from its owners.” All criminals will eventually face punishment.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces also released the photographs and statement.

The video was also posted on Reddit, where users made fun of the Russian troops’ apparent lack of experience with washing machines.

There have been several tales of Russian troops robbing homes coming out of Ukraine.

Pavel Filatiev, a Russian soldier who fled his country and penned a book of his experiences fighting in Ukraine, detailed how his unit robbed a nearby grocery because they were so short on supplies.

The Moscow Times claimed in May 2022 that a troop of soldiers had returned to Russia with at least 58 tonnes of seized items from Ukraine.

Additionally, there have been allegations of Russian forces robbing Ukrainian museums.

»Russian soldiers carry Ukrainian household washing machine into military vehicle«

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