Russian armoured vehicle explodes after driving over explosives

Russian armoured vehicle explodes after driving over explosives

The latest demonstration of Putin’s soldiers’ blatant ineptitude included a Russian armored vehicle that had inexplicably drove right over a plainly visible landmine and was therefore blasted to smithereens.

The MT-LB truck is shown in aerial video creeping slowly approaching the strewn TM-62 anti-tank mines that are line a Ukrainian road without seeming to be aware of the explosives.

The moment it makes contact with the mine, a massive flame explodes, destroying the armored vehicle and launching pieces of it into the air in a plume of smoke.

The driver is then shown sitting on the burned dirt close to the blazing wreck, staring about in confusion.

After the unpleasant incident, he packs his things and exits with his tail between his knees.

The shell-shocked driver is then seen sitting on the scorched earth looking around in bafflement next to the fuming wreck

Anti-armour mines are often buried, according to retired soldier Mark Hertling, who commented on the video. Drivers of armored vehicles are not meant to see them.

You should “move” or “avoid” them if you “see” them. Armed forces should not run them over.

It just serves to highlight how poorly trained Russian military are.

The Soviet amphibious armored combat vehicle known as the MT-LB has been in service since the 1950s.

11 people or 2,000 kg of freight may be carried behind the three crew members in the front.

Putin’s military campaign continues to take serious hits, with significant equipment and army casualties from his failed invasion.

In only 18 minutes yesterday, Ukrainian forces shot down four Russian helicopters.

On its social media accounts, Kyiv’s Ministry of Defense and Air Force announced the downing of the plane and celebrated a “busy morning, Ukrainian way.”

The helicopters, thought to be KA-52 versions from the Soviet period, were destroyed by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile units in Southern Ukraine, where Kiev’s troops have been advancing into territory that Russian forces have been illegitimately occupying.

The military said that two other helicopters were being targeted in the area at the same moment, thus the total number of destroyed aircraft may perhaps rise.

According to a statement on the Air Force’s Telegram channel, at least four enemy attack helicopters (likely Ka-52s) that were providing fire support to the ground occupation forces in the south of Ukraine were destroyed between 8:40 and 8:58 on October 12 by anti-aircraft missile units of the Air Force.

According to early information, one helicopter crashed in militant-free area, while the others were behind the [Russian] front line.

The likelihood that there will be additional verified downed helicopters is high since combat work was done on two more aircraft. Praise be to Ukraine! The message concluded, “Death to the racist occupiers!”

The destruction of the two-seat KA-52 “Alligators,” a Soviet-era KA-50 derivative, was lauded by Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense.

Ukrainian-style productive morning. Four Russian helicopters that were ruining the lovely fall sky in the south of Ukraine were shot down today by Ukrainian military personnel in only 18 minutes, according to the post.

This is not the place for alligators. They face hostility from the community, it continued.

Before the four helicopters that were destroyed today, Russia had already lost 235 of them, according to the most recent figures from the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

According to the report, Russia also has 63,380 personnel, 2,505 tanks, 5,181 armored combat vehicles, 1,507 artillery units, 355 multiple launch rocket systems, 182 air defense systems, 268 warplanes, 1,129 drones, 315 cruise missiles, 15 warships, 3,927 cars and fuel tankers, and 136 units of special equipment.

Putin unleashed rage on Ukraine by launching kamikaze drones produced in Iran towards the nation’s capital early this morning in retaliation for the severe blows and explosion on the Crimean bridge on Saturday.

Rescuers rushed to the area after the attack on Kyiv as inhabitants awakened to air raid sirens for the fourth morning in a row as a result of Russia’s military assault on the nation earlier this week.

Oleksiy Kuleba, the governor of the Kyiv region, said that the strike took place in the vicinity of the city. If there were any casualties, it wasn’t immediately apparent.

Kyrylo Tymoshenko, the deputy director of the presidential office, said on Telegram that “important infrastructure facilities” in the region had been attacked without elaborating.

As gunfire raged on Ukraine’s southern front overnight, a five-story apartment building in the southern city of Mykolaiv was completely demolished.

Oleksandr Sienkovych, the mayor of Mykolaiv, said that the top two floors of the structure were entirely demolished in a single stroke, leaving the remainder of the structure in ruins. There were no reports of casualties or injuries as of yet.

As Kiev’s military press a counteroffensive intended to retake territory captured by Moscow, early dawn strikes on Ukraine’s southern front have become routine in Russia’s conflict.

Prior to Monday’s widespread strikes, which left at least 19 people dead and over 100 injured around the nation, attacks on Kyiv had been more infrequent.

This week, Western countries vowed to deliver Ukraine additional armaments, including air defense systems and other gear that Kiev has deemed essential for fending off Russian invaders.

The Pentagon intends to transfer powerful NASAM anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine in the next weeks, and the UK said on Thursday that it would provide missiles for those systems. Along with 18 more howitzer artillery pieces, it is also deploying hundreds more airborne drones for intelligence collection and logistical assistance.

‘These weapons will assist Ukraine protect its skies from assaults and boost their overall missile defence alongside the U.S. NASAMS,’ said to U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

The devices will provide medium- to long-range missile defense, something Kyiv has long desired.

The offer comes as NATO defense ministers gather in Brussels to discuss strengthening Ukraine’s aerial defenses in the wake of Monday’s extensive Russian offensive.

This week, the Ukrainian military said that its current air defenses had destroyed scores of approaching Russian missiles and Shahed-136 drones, the so-called kamikaze drones that have become more lethal as the battle has progressed.

»Russian armoured vehicle explodes after driving over explosives«

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