Explosive Revelations in Maureen Callahan’s Book Unveil Marilyn Monroe’s Affairs with the Kennedys and Her Mysterious Death in Los Angeles

In her latest book, “Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed,” DailyMail.com columnist Maureen Callahan delves deep into the scandals and mysteries that surrounded Marilyn Monroe’s short life and untimely death.

This book offers a riveting exploration of Monroe’s complex relationships with the Kennedy brothers, her tumultuous personal life, and the enduring questions about how she died.

Scandalous Affairs and Secret Relationships

Callahan’s book reveals that Marilyn Monroe was involved in simultaneous affairs with President John F. Kennedy and his married brother, Attorney General Robert Kennedy.

These high-profile relationships added a layer of intrigue and scandal to Monroe’s already tumultuous life. Additionally, the book claims that Frank Sinatra was also romantically involved with Monroe during this period.

The Infamous ‘Happy Birthday’ Performance

One of the most shocking revelations in Callahan’s book is the account of Monroe’s backstage encounter with Bobby Kennedy before her iconic “Happy Birthday” performance to JFK at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1962.

According to Callahan, Monroe had a sexual encounter with Bobby in her dressing room just before taking the stage.

This incident reportedly enraged Jackie Kennedy, leading her to issue an ultimatum to her husband: end his relationship with Monroe or face divorce and public scandal.

The Role of Peter Lawford

JFK’s brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford, played a significant role in facilitating the president’s liaisons. Callahan describes Lawford as a “pimp, fixer, and drug supplier” to JFK.

His involvement underscores the extent to which Monroe was entangled in the web of the Kennedy family’s secretive and often sordid dealings.

Shocking Discoveries and FBI Involvement

Callahan’s book also sheds light on the FBI and CIA’s surveillance of Monroe. The Kennedys suspected that Monroe’s house and phone line were bugged in a coordinated effort to gather damaging information.

After Monroe’s death in August 1962, the FBI was ordered to remove certain phone records from her Los Angeles home.

These records, recovered in the 1980s, revealed multiple calls to Bobby Kennedy’s office, adding fuel to the speculation about their relationship.

Marilyn’s Troubled Marriages

The book details Monroe’s troubled marriages, particularly her third marriage to playwright Arthur Miller. Callahan reveals that Monroe discovered Miller’s diary shortly after their wedding, which contained unflattering descriptions of her.

This discovery was a devastating blow to Monroe, contributing to her emotional instability.

Theories and Controversies Surrounding Her Death

One of the most contentious aspects of Monroe’s life is the mystery surrounding her death. Callahan includes the perspective of former LA County deputy district attorney John Miner, who believed Monroe’s death was not a suicide after listening to tapes of her therapy sessions.

This theory challenges the official account and suggests that Monroe’s demise might have been the result of foul play, possibly involving the Kennedy brothers.

Media Suppression and Public Curiosity

In 1985, ABC News planned to air a special documentary exploring the potential involvement of JFK and Bobby Kennedy in Monroe’s death.

However, the broadcast was abruptly canceled by the network’s president, Roone Arledge, a close friend of Bobby Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy.

This incident highlights the ongoing suppression of information and the powerful influence of the Kennedy family in controlling the narrative.

Conclusion: A Legacy of Intrigue and Tragedy

Maureen Callahan’s “Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed” provides a comprehensive and provocative look at Marilyn Monroe’s life and the scandals that surrounded her.

The book’s revelations about her relationships with the Kennedys, the FBI’s involvement, and the mysteries surrounding her death offer new insights into one of Hollywood’s most enduring enigmas.

Monroe’s legacy, marked by beauty, talent, and tragedy, continues to captivate and intrigue the public, ensuring that her story will be remembered for generations to come.

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