Police are trying to disperse far-right and anti-fascist groups in Westminster

Police are trying to disperse far-right and anti-fascist groups in Westminster

The Metropolitan Police have detained one guy and are attempting to disperse competing far-right and anti-fascist gatherings in Westminster.

A march against immigration was conducted in Parliament Square beginning at noon by the pro-Putin and Tommy Robinson-aligned organisation Patriots for Britain.

Meanwhile, anti-fascists, often known as “Antifa,” congregated on adjacent Marsham Street to demonstrate outside the Home Office.

We are aware of a planned demonstration today in central London, a Metropolitan Police official informed MailOnline.

There is a police strategy in place, and officers are present. To keep the two groups apart, officers are taking precautions.

Police have verified that one individual was detained for interfering with a vehicle after boarding a bus at Parliament Square.

He was taken from the scene and afterwards freed without being charged.

Pat McGinnis, communications secretary for the “National Housing Party” (NHP), tweeted a video of a guy recording from atop a London tour bus while perplexed passengers watched.

In another picture, a beer can and an empty garbage bag were placed close to a Patriots for Britain placard that was leaning against Winston Churchill’s monument in Parliament Square.

Tommy Robinson and the far-right NHP have teamed together in support of Putin’s war in Ukraine.

The globalist banks are pushing us towards a conflict with Russia, McGinnis tweeted last week.

His organisation, which is associated with Britain First, is in favour of abandoning the 1951 Refugee Convention.

People have the legal right to seek refuge if they are being persecuted overseas according to a UN agreement.

NHP favours putting illegal immigrants in jail for three years and removing them from waiting lists for subsidised housing.

Both plans are in breach of the Human Rights Act, the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Refugee Convention, which was partly drafted by Churchill.

»Police are trying to disperse far-right and anti-fascist groups in Westminster«

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