Northern California man suspected of threatening police and planning Las Vegas-style shooting

Northern California man suspected of threatening police and planning Las Vegas-style shooting

Over the weekend, a man from Northern California was detained on suspicion of threatening law enforcement and planning a shooting “in the vein of Las Vegas.”

According to a news statement from the Chico Police Department, Dallas Marsh, 37, of Oroville, California, was detained inside a Super 8 on Sunday morning.

According to the news statement, Marsh, who describes himself as a United States Army veteran on Facebook, had been preparing a lethal assault, and police claimed to have found proof of his scheme.

He is accused of making “criminal threats to murder particular people, specific law enforcement personnel, and was prepared to perpetrate a mass killing in the “Las Vegas style” with a deadline.”

Police withheld the precise information on Marsh’s claimed plans for the attack’s timing and location.

Just a few days remain before the fifth anniversary of the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas, according to the announcement of the man’s arrest.

At the Route 91 Harvest music festival on October 1, 2017, Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of more than 20,000 people.

From his room on the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Paddock shot more than 1,000 rounds, leaving more than 850 people injured and 60 dead.

Paddock shot himself in the head as police surrounded his room.

It’s unclear whether Marsh intended to reenact the massacre in Las Vegas on its fifth anniversary.

Marsh was apparently arrested without incident, according to the police, but after his detention, he allegedly threatened to harm policemen and their families.

He also allegedly tried to hit an officer with a table during his questioning, according to representatives of the Chico Police Department.

Marsh had shared a picture of himself with what seemed to be a semi-automatic firearm only days before his arrest.

The Californian man referred to himself as “Fitting for the Season” in a Facebook post.

The veteran was a US Army Delta Force commander, especially serving in the SOF unit Delta 1, according to Marsh’s alleged Facebook profile.

Numerous images of the accused from his time in the service were also shared to his social media pages, which one buddy said Monday “broke him.”

Before leaving to war, Marsh was characterized as “the nicest and kindest man” by the individual claiming to know him, who added that “he was not given the appropriate care required when he got home.”

She went on to clarify that while he has expertise, it does not always mean that what he is accused of is justified.

I realize that the war has altered him and brought on so much mental illness that he will never be the same, but I do not condone his behavior. The buddy wrote, “I can only hope that jail will keep him out of danger.

Officials from the U.S. Army were contacted by Daily Mail Online, but no answer was received before the article was published.

Marsh is being detained without bond at the Butte County Jail.

He is accused of making violent threats against peace officers, assault against a peace officer, and criminal threats of death or grave bodily harm.

When he will make his first court appearance is unknown.

»Northern California man suspected of threatening police and planning Las Vegas-style shooting«

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