Off-Duty Firefighters Tragically Die After Falling into Manure Tanker at Champion Farms in Clinton

In a heartbreaking incident on Thursday, two off-duty firefighters lost their lives after falling into a manure tanker at Champion Farms in Clinton, New York.

Tyler Memory, 29, and Nathan Doody, 33, succumbed to toxic fumes while attempting to retrieve a piece of equipment from the tanker. This tragic event has left their families and respective fire departments in mourning.

The Accident Unfolds

The accident occurred while Memory and Doody were performing their day jobs as drivers for manure trucks at the cattle farm.

According to authorities, one of the firefighters tried to retrieve a piece of equipment that had fallen into the manure tanker.

Overpowered by hazardous fumes, he passed out and collapsed inside. The second firefighter, in a valiant rescue attempt, also fell unconscious and tumbled into the tanker.

Emergency Response

The unconscious men were discovered by other farm employees who immediately called 911 around 11 am. The Clinton Fire Department, Mercy Flight, and COVAC Ambulance responded swiftly to the scene.

Two helicopters were dispatched to provide urgent medical assistance. Despite the best efforts of the emergency responders, both men were pronounced dead at Wynn Hospital in Utica.

Remembering the Heroes

Tyler Memory, a third-generation firefighter, had been a dedicated member of the Tully Joint Fire Department since he was 14 years old.

Assistant Chief Joe Nemier described Memory as a passionate and committed firefighter with 15 years of service. Nathan Doody, a volunteer at the Cuyler Fire Department in Cortland County for a decade, was also deeply committed to his community and firefighting duties.

The Danger of Manure Tankers

Manure tankers are inherently dangerous due to the toxic gases they emit. Among these gases, hydrogen sulfide is the most potent, capable of causing nausea, dizziness, headaches, and unconsciousness. In extreme concentrations, hydrogen sulfide can be fatal within just two breaths.

The perilous nature of these tankers underscores the bravery and sacrifice of Memory and Doody.

Community Impact

The tragic deaths of Memory and Doody have profoundly affected their communities. Both the Tully Joint Fire Department and the Cuyler Fire Department are grieving the loss of these brave young men.

Their families are also mourning, grappling with the sudden and devastating loss of their loved ones.

This incident has highlighted the inherent risks faced by firefighters, even when off duty, and the courage they exhibit in their commitment to saving lives.

Champion Farms

Champion Farms, a tenth-generation beef and dairy farm founded in the early 1800s, is located in Clinton, roughly 250 miles northwest of Manhattan.

The farm’s long history and deep roots in the community make this tragic accident even more poignant. The loss of two dedicated firefighters in such a perilous incident has resonated deeply within the local and wider community.


The deaths of Tyler Memory and Nathan Doody serve as a sobering reminder of the dangers faced by firefighters and other emergency responders.

Their bravery and selflessness in the face of danger exemplify the highest ideals of the firefighting profession. As their communities mourn, the legacy of their service and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

The tragic incident at Champion Farms underscores the need for heightened awareness and safety measures in hazardous environments, ensuring that such tragedies are prevented in the future.

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