Neil Maskell, Tamer Hassan, and the Football Factory’s Journey to Hollywood and Beyond

Neil Maskell, Tamer Hassan, and the Football Factory’s Journey to Hollywood and Beyond

More than two decades after the release of the iconic British hooligan film, “The Football Factory,” fans are thrilled as a sequel is finally in the making.

The 2004 movie, starring Danny Dyer as Tommy Johnson, a disillusioned football enthusiast, is set for a new chapter.

Danny Dyer – played Tommy Johnson:

Danny Dyer, renowned for his ‘hard man’ roles, portrayed Tommy Johnson in the original film.

Dyer’s career has been illustrious, spanning British television series like “Prime Suspect 3” to starring in films directed by “Football Factory” director Nick Love.

His diverse roles include presenting TV documentary series and a stint in “EastEnders,” ultimately leaving in 2022 after eight years.

Dyer’s journey from the original film to diverse roles in TV and film showcases his versatility.

Tamer Hassan – played Fred:

Tamer Hassan, who played opposition leader Fred, saw his film career soar after “Football Factory.”

From roles in major films like “The Calcium Kid” to featuring in “Game of Thrones,” Hassan’s acting trajectory expanded.

With upcoming projects in 2024, he continues to thrive in the industry.

Hassan’s transition from a formidable film character to diverse roles demonstrates his acting prowess.

Neil Maskell – played Rod King:

Neil Maskell, who portrayed Rod King, ventured into a successful career post-“Football Factory.”

From TV series like “Mike Bassett: Manager” to acclaimed roles in films like “Kill List,” Maskell’s journey exemplifies his growth as an actor.

Maskell’s evolution showcases his ability to take on diverse roles in both TV and film.

Frank Harper – Billy Bright:

Frank Harper, known for ‘hard man’ roles, played Billy Bright and continued to make his mark in British films.

After roles in TV shows like “The Bill” and “Doctors,” Harper shifted his focus to directing, leaving a notable impact in the industry.

Harper’s shift to directing highlights his multifaceted contributions to the film industry.

Roland Manookian – Zeberdee:

Roland Manookian, who played Zeberdee, followed a trajectory intertwined with the “Football Factory” franchise.

His recurring role in the “Rise of the Foot Soldier” series and appearances in various films showcase his continued engagement in the industry.

Manookian’s involvement in the franchise reflects his enduring connection to the original film.

Dudley Sutton – played Bill Farrell:

Dudley Sutton, who portrayed Tommy’s grandfather Bill Farrell, had a prolific acting career until his passing in 2018.

Known for diverse roles, including “Lovejoy,” Sutton’s legacy extends from films to TV shows.

Sutton’s rich acting legacy remains a testament to his contribution to the industry.

Callum MacNab – Raf:

Callum MacNab, who played Raf, experienced a breakout with “Football Factory.”

His subsequent roles in TV films and British productions demonstrate his continued presence in the acting scene.

MacNab’s career post-“Football Factory” illustrates his journey in the industry.


As the sequel to “The Football Factory” takes shape, the diverse trajectories of the original cast members showcase their growth, versatility, and enduring contributions to the British film and television landscape.

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