BankingON Shakes Up Teen Banking with Interactive App – Can Gamified Finances Unlock a Generation of Responsible Spenders?

Empowering Young Money Masters: BankingON Secures Funds for Family Finance Platform Boucoup™

Parenting Meets Money Smarts:

BankingON, a B2B2C digital banking solutions provider, has secured a new funding round led by Eagle Venture Fund.

This boost fuels the launch of Boucoup™, a unique platform aiming to revolutionize how credit unions help parents raise financially savvy children.

Boucoup for the Win:

Built on BankingON’s commitment to empowering credit unions, Boucoup equips them with a free, branded mobile app for both parents and teens.

This interactive platform goes beyond banking basics, offering parents the tools to nurture essential money skills in their children.

Learning Through Earning:

Boucoup™ doesn’t just store pocket money; it creates a dynamic learning environment.

From instant allowances and chore-based rewards to flexible spending controls and real-time transaction notifications, the platform gamifies financial education, making it engaging and relevant for teens.

Teen-Centric Design:

Forget clunky bank apps.

Boucoup boasts a teen-optimized user interface and features, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience.

This user-friendly platform makes managing finances fun and accessible, encouraging teens to take ownership of their money.

Empowering Credit Unions, Educating Future Financiers:

By providing Boucoup™, BankingON empowers credit unions to differentiate themselves within the competitive financial landscape.

Parents gain invaluable tools to raise financially responsible children, while teens learn crucial life skills through practical experience.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

With this new funding and the launch of Boucoup™, BankingON is poised to make a significant impact on the future of financial education.

By harnessing the power of technology and mobile banking, they’re turning pocket money into valuable lessons, paving the way for a generation of money-smart individuals.

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