Mother of two children killed in M4 crash awaits a baby

Mother of two children killed in M4 crash awaits a baby

The mother of two young children who died in a horrifying car accident on the M4 has announced that she is expecting a new child, whose due date falls on her deceased daughter’s birthday.

The children were being brought home from a friend’s birthday celebration when a van driver who had been drinking and using drugs murdered four-year-old Gracie-Ann Lucas and three-year-old Jayden-Lee Lucas.

The vehicle struck the car carrying the two kids from Tredegar, close to Merthyr Tydfil, together with their mother Rhiannon Lucas and her boyfriend, on the M4 in Newport.

Tragically, after the crash on February 5 at about 1.45 p.m., both siblings, also known by the surname Wheaton, passed away within days of one another, while Rhiannon was seriously injured.

Martin Newman, the driver of the van, was reportedly under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he crashed into the stopped automobile on the M4 westbound between junctions 28 and 29. This information was subsequently presented in court.

After going out the night before the accident with coworkers, Newman was more than twice the legal limit for driving while intoxicated. He also took cocaine and drank 10 cans of Strongbow before returning to his hotel room.

Newman, of Croeserw, acknowledged to charges of drink- and drug-driving, two counts of causing death by dangerous driving, one case of seriously injuring the mother of the children by dangerous driving, and charges of both.

Although he was sentenced to nine years and four months in prison, he will only spend slightly over four years there.

His sentencing had been challenged by the family of the children, but it was rejected.

Gracie and Jayden’s stepfather, Adam Saunders, and Rhiannon have now revealed they are expecting a child.

The baby is miraculously expected on April 10, 2023, which would have been Gracie-sixth Ann’s birthday.

This will be the first child for both Rhiannon and Adam, who have been together for just under two years.

He said that they learned of Rhiannon’s pregnancy when she was around eight weeks along, and that they were informed of the unbelievable due date during the 12-week checkup.

The pregnancy, according to Adam, 27, who works in the contact center business, keeps the couple “sane.”

After all we have gone through, he added, this is something to keep us joyful, optimistic, and sane.

While it goes without saying that we will always remember Jayden and Gracie, we also have wonderful memories to reflect on so we don’t have to always be sad.

“This is something we should concentrate on right now and anticipate.” After all that has occurred, it is a great thing for us to experience.

Adam said that he was “gobsmacked” when he learned the due date’s importance and that it must be a sign from the kids.

It’s like destiny, he remarked. It’s as if the children were trying to tell us something by having the due date fall on Gracie’s birthday. My hands were in my face in shock. My words failed me.

It’s fantastic that my first kid and Rhiannon’s third child are both due on Gracie’s birthday. It’s a unique youngster.

Adam said there were many emotions associated with the pregnancy, particularly for the mother Rhiannon who is still recovering from her own injuries given that it has just been somewhat more than seven months after the children’s awful deaths.

Although our emotions are obviously high right now, since learning the news, we haven’t stopped grinning and talked about it often.

Everything we do discuss in relation to Gracie and Jayden is still clearly highly emotional, but we do it in a joyful manner and by recalling pleasant moments. When we discuss them, we smile because they are pleasant recollections.

On March 21, the young siblings attended a combined burial during which doves were released into the air and the children’s favorite cartoon characters led the procession as hundreds of people gathered in the streets to mourn their untimely deaths.

Adam said that he and Rhiannon routinely visit the burial. “To be honest, the first time we went to the grave after we found out, it was like telling them they’re getting a brother or sister,” he added.

“Gracie and Jayden are expecting a younger sibling, at least in our eyes, even if they are no longer with us physically.

“We did became moved at that point.” It seemed as if we were delivering the news to them verbally rather than physically.

But we are aware that they are watching us and are aware of what we told them. And they will undoubtedly be involved now.

They are making sure to participate and have sent Gracie a note with the due date on her birthday.

And they will undoubtedly be involved now. For all of us, this is something nice and thrilling right now.

»Mother of two children killed in M4 crash awaits a baby«

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