Most Trader Joe’s fall foods are gone. Here are 10 frozen and simple breakfasts to try

Most Trader Joe’s fall foods are gone. Here are 10 frozen and simple breakfasts to try

I have been steadily consuming Trader Joe’s seasonal offerings for years.

I am really familiar with Trader Joe’s autumn meals.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

While attempting to consume all of Trader Joe’s autumnal delicacies, I have encountered a number of festive items.

Some products are so delicious that I want to tag the grocery chain on Twitter and beg Trader Joe’s to carry them year-round, while others I pass up the next season.

I have developed a list of my favorite findings that have become seasonal staples after examining my past notes.

I submit to you my Fall “Haul” of Fame from Trader Joe’s:

The butternut-squash macaroni and cheese is an ideal frozen dish.

The butternut squash macaroni and cheese is available in the frozen section.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

This butternut-squash macaroni and cheese is one of the few frozen foods that I would cheerfully pass off as homemade. It is just amazing.

The butternut-squash sauce is indulgent and opulent, with elements of aromatic sage and salty cheese that balance out the natural sweetness of the squash.

The recipe is silky and quite thick, like a bechamel, yet it lacks the typical faint stringiness of pureed squash. A combination of Gouda, cheddar, and parmesan creates a cheese pull that is flawless.

In addition, the rigatoni cooks in the microwave to a beautiful al dente texture. I particularly enjoy how the sauce adheres to the interior of each tube, delivering a creamy explosion to each bite.

Each time I eat it, I feel as though I am enjoying a gourmet meal. I am holding my breath. Trader Joe’s never discontinues this item since it is absolutely exceptional.

The pumpkin-and-ginger dessert Hold the Cones are my ideal autumn dessert.

There are several Hold the Cone flavors at Trader Joe’s.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

The contrast between the pumpkin ice cream and the ginger creates a fiery and sweet symphony on my taste senses that makes me want to break out in singing.

The cones have robust flavors yet a mild, delicate flavor. They are great for an after-dinner snack when you’re craving something sweet but don’t want a complete dessert.

The cones have a flavor that is unlike any other ice-cream delight I’ve ever purchased from a grocery store.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Trader Joe’s pumpkin-spice hummus.

I never thought I would enjoy sweet hummus, but this stuff has changed my mind.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

This sweet hummus is my favorite because, without tasting artificial, it captures the flavor of pumpkin pie in a single, creamy dip.

Even behind the rich nutmeg and cinnamon presence, the squash flavor remains discernible, with a lovely nuttiness that wonderfully rounds out the dish.

It is thicker than most hummus, but its delightfully whipped texture makes it appear much lighter than pie filling.

It pairs wonderfully with the chain’s pumpkin-cranberry crisps, and it’s also delicious with graham crackers. Because it is so delicious, I may or may not have taken a spoon to the container multiple times.

Pumpkin-cranberry crisps from Trader Joe’s are what I use to elevate a Christmas cheese platter.

These pumpkin-cranberry crackers are excellent accompaniments for cheese boards.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

The combination of pumpkin spices and tart cranberry in these crackers tastes excellent and makes them feel a bit more upscale than a typical club cracker.

I appreciate that these are on the sweeter side yet are still flavorful enough to not taste like cookies.

They are also strong, so they can withstand both warm, creamy dips and cold, thick ones.

I believe they taste finest with their cranberry-crusted chèvre and pumpkin hummus. However, they are also good enough to be eaten alone.

This pepita salsa, with its seductive blend of smokey chipotle, sweet bell pepper, and savory garlic, is basically my kryptonite.

If left to my own devices, I would probably consume the pepita salsa from Trader Joe’s by the spoonful.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

The salsa is pleasingly chunky and has just the right amount of mild heat to keep a spice-lover like me delighted and wanting more without causing my eyes to wet.

The pepita (pumpkin seed) component is finely ground so as not to create a textural issue, but also thickens the salsa so that it never feels watery. In addition, pepitas have more protein, so I cannot complain there.

I enjoy serving this with Trader Joe’s autumn chips or on top of eggs.

Because of their flavor and subtlety, the frozen pumpkin waffles are among my favorite autumnal foods.

Pumpkin waffles from Trader Joe’s are an excellent option for a quick breakfast.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

As much as I enjoy pumpkin-spice-flavored foods, there are times when I crave a cuisine with a delicate pumpkin flavor that doesn’t overwhelm me with nutmeg.

These pumpkin waffles accomplish just that. They’re not overly sweet, and the pumpkin spice is quite mild – I’d give them a 3 out of 10 on the strength scale.

This works nicely for me because there is still enough pumpkin to tell me that it is unique without dominating each bite.

These waffles have crunchy borders and a somewhat chewy inside, and their interior is fluffier and tastes better than many other frozen waffles I’ve tasted, including the whole-wheat variety from Trader Joe’s.

I find them delicious with basic butter, but you can make them sweeter by adding maple butter, honey, or a cinnamon spread.

The Vegetarian Harvest Chili is quite tasty.

In my home, the Harvest Chili is a fall staple.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

Using sweet potato, butternut squash, and pumpkin puree to add layers of flavor to its black bean and spicy basis, this Harvest Chili delivers a delicious fall-themed take on a classic dish.

Every bite contains an exquisite combination of smokey, spicy, savory, and delicately sweet flavors.

This meal is so flavorful and spicy that I forget it has cauliflower and an abundance of other vegetables. I find that they augment the chili without detracting from the primary tastes.

The fact that this can be prepared in less than 10 minutes in the microwave is merely a bonus.

It continues to be a Monday staple in my household.

I purchase multiple cans of pumpkin rolls from Trader Joe’s to preserve in my freezer throughout the season.

Each pumpkin roll is sufficient for two people to share, but I prefer to have one to myself.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

Fall is commonly associated with pumpkin spice and comfortable sweaters, but I view it as the beginning of “desserts for breakfast” season.

As soon as the temperature drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit, which is considered cool on the West Coast, I switch from my customary yogurt bowls to pumpkin-spiced muffins, scones, and loaves.

However, nothing is more satisfying than a warm platter of these pumpkin rolls.

They taste like a combination of cinnamon rolls from a bakery and my favorite pumpkin bread.

They are deliciously delicate, with a subtle flavor of nutmeg and other autumn spices in each bite.

As you might anticipate, beneath its layers of doughy deliciousness is a sticky cinnamon center that is so delectable that reaching it is like discovering a hidden treasure.

The cinnamon and nutmeg-laced icing is so delicious that I would lick it off the dish.

Pumpkin-spiced Pretzel Slims make for a delicious snack.

Pretzel Slims from Trader Joe’s are one of my favorite autumnal snacks.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

Every fall, I wait for Trader Joe’s to restock these Pretzel Slims.

Each Slim is a thin, crunchy pretzel covered in a sugary-sweet, pumpkin-spiced yogurt coating. In addition, they are sprinkled with crisp, spice-infused pepita “sprinkles.”

I can’t get enough of their combination of sweet and salty flavors and wonderful crunchiness.

In addition, they taste unlike any other pumpkin-spice product I’ve experienced, making them a staple on my shopping list.

Whether you’re an expert baker or have never used an oven before, this pumpkin-bread mix is a must-have.

The gluten-free pumpkin mix from Trader Joe’s can also be used to make muffins.

Savanna Swain-Wilson

As much as I adore cooking pumpkin bread from scratch, it’s convenient to have a foolproof mix that can produce this delicious delicacy with little effort.

This is the first pumpkin bread mix I’ve tested that yields a wonderfully moist dessert.

The loaf requires less than an hour to bake and is so flavorful that it can easily compete with those from your favorite local coffee shop.

Although nutmeg and clove dominate the flavor profile, I can still detect cinnamon and pumpkin. I believe it also contains a flavor of brown sugar (or something molasses-like) that delightfully enhances the spices.

The best part is that it’s not too sweet. Between September and December, I frequently enjoy a slice of bread with my daily coffee.

»Most Trader Joe’s fall foods are gone. Here are 10 frozen and simple breakfasts to try«

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