Model tells court of Danny Masterson sodomizing her

Model tells court of Danny Masterson sodomizing her

At Danny Masterson’s trial on Tuesday, one of the three women who have accused him of sexual assault testified in front of the jury that the Scientologist actor had raped her anally while she was asleep and had laughed at her when she confronted him about it.

Additionally, Jane Doe #3 was informed by the Church of Scientology that she had done something to merit what Masterson was treating her with.

The court heard testimony from Jane Doe #3, who at one point got so distraught that the judge had to order a 10-minute break. She described a night in December 2001 when she and Masterson went to the LA restaurant La Poubelle for dinner and she drank “a glass or two of wine.”

She said, “I remember getting up to go, but I don’t have any recall after that.”

She told the jury that the next memory was waking up the next morning nude in bed at Masterson’s residence, where she shared a home with him.

“I felt lost, and I could feel pain throughout my body.” My butt was hurting, and I also felt pain in the back of my mind. My anal region was hurt.

I noticed my anal region wasn’t normal after using the restroom since it had been damaged and was somewhat bleeding. I couldn’t sit down because I was in so much agony.

She asked Masterson what occurred the previous night when she discovered him sitting in his office after going downstairs to seek for him. I inquired about my fall since I was experiencing “down there” pain.

He made fun of me and said we had sex there.

“I questioned him and he confirmed that I had been asleep the whole time.”

Jane Doe #3 said, “It destroyed my heart,” as she cried on the witness stand. Because I really believed in him and did not think he would go to that extent.

Between 2001 and 2003, Masterson, 46, is accused of raping three women at his Hollywood Hills residence. He has entered a not guilty plea to all counts.

If found guilty at the conclusion of his trial, which includes Elvis Presley’s daughter, former scientist Lisa Marie Presley, as a witness, he may get a sentence ranging from 45 years to life in jail.

The That ’70s Show actor, who has been out on $3.3 million bond since his arrest in June 2020, appeared in court on Tuesday for the sixth day of his rape trial in a dark blue suit with a gray shirt and tie.

The That ’70s Show actor and the Church of Scientology are being sued in civil court by his accusers, who is naming only as Jane Does 1 through 3. They allege that they have been subjected to harassment and intimidation since reporting him to police.

When asked by Assistant District Attorney Reinhold Mueller whether she had reported Masterson to the police, Jane Doe #3 said that she had not because, at the time, she had the opinion that “the only justice system was Scientology.”

So, a few days after the alleged rape, she went to the Scientology Celebrity Center in Hollywood to report it and meet with her “ethics officer.”

Jane Doe #3 testified before the jury, “I informed her that he raped me.” “I informed her that I was unable to refuse him since he was sexually abusing me. If I did refuse, there would be a nasty argument.

The lady said that when the ethics officer stopped her, she was instructed not to use the term “rape.” She explained to me that it is illegal to rape someone you are dating.

“I trusted her because she was the ethics officer, therefore I believed her.” She claimed that I had caused it in some way. I must have done something wrong for what Masterson was doing to me.

According to testimony given in court, a Scientology chaplain advised her that “my responsibility as Masterson’s girlfriend was that if I didn’t say no, it wouldn’t happen.”

As his girlfriend, “my job” was to satisfy his sex needs whenever they arose. He gave to me, therefore I had to reciprocate.

She testified in court that she underwent a month-long “ethics course” at the request of her ethics officer because she feared being labeled a “suppressive person” and isolated by other Scientologists.

She claimed, “It worried me, so I simply did what I was instructed,” and added, “I’m sure I would not have survived it at that time if I had been designated a suppressive person.”

Around February or March 2002, Jane Doe #3 and Masterson divorced, and the two of them went together to Scientology authorities to sign the “terms of their separation.”

She recalled that she was not to sue him when questioned about such conditions.

She acknowledged that they remained in touch after their separation and had once again been intimate, once in New York and again in LA, where she relocated a year or so after their breakup.

Why did she reunite with Masterson for sexual encounters after they split up? He questioned her.

I adored him, she said in answer. I give him a lot of thought.

On the second day that Jane Doe #3 was deposed, the testimony was given. She informed the court on Monday that the actor often forced her to have sex against her will, called her “white trash,” urinated on her, and was physically abusive to her.

In a statement made last week, Jane Doe #1 said that Masterson had sexually assaulted her, thrown her into his jacuzzi, and then put a revolver on her while yelling, “Don’t say a f***king word.”

When Jane Doe #3 met Masterson in 1996, she was a successful model who was only 18 years old. She quickly moved in with him, the court heard.

He was really charming, and I fell for him, so everything was fine for the first year, she claimed.

She had to go all over the globe for modeling jobs, and the Scientologist TV celebrity encouraged her to remain at home. She informed the court that “his faith addresses this—women should remain at home.”

She stated that he persuaded her to join the Church of Scientology. He made it quite apparent to me that I had to convert to Scientology. I had to begin taking [Scientology] classes in order to maintain this connection.

“I was advised that because of the repressive nature of my parents and the distance I felt from them,’ My new pals were Scientologists since none of my existing friends were liked by him [Masterson].

My whole existence was transformed into his friends, family, and church.

The jury was informed by Jane Doe #3 that Masterson changed around a year into their relationship.

“He had a very aggressive sexual nature; I remember some physical and mental abuse.”

I clearly recall being quite exhausted and jet lagged after returning from Paris, and he wanted to have sex while I declined.

A battle ensued, and he dragged me across the bedroom floor by my hair. He insulted me by calling me obese.

She said in court that Masterson started asking for sex more often when she declined. It started to become rather routine, so I simply let it happen.

According to Jane Doe #3, she would apologize instead of him on these instances.

I would apologize to him because he would be furious if I didn’t. He refused to speak to me. I believed I was to blame. He was consistently correct.

I would tell him no, yet he would still want to have sex in spite of my refusal. Simply said, you can’t refuse him.

She testified before the jury that Masterson would refer to her as “white trash” when he was upset with her.

It was my duty as his girlfriend to satisfy his sex needs whenever they arose. He supported me, therefore I had to provide Jane Doe #3 the Scientology chaplain’s counsel when she reported the ‘rape’

He would “urinate on me,” she said. He would sneak in when I was in the shower and urinate on me. He found it to be amusing.

Jane Doe #3 said that in late 2001, “when I began kind of standing up for myself,” her relationship with Masterson deteriorated and was about to come to an end.

She described a night in November 2001 when she was having sex with him when she woke up from a sound sleep. I told him, “No, I don’t want to have sex with you,” because I didn’t want to.

But he would not give up. I attempted to shove him away, but he threw his whole body weight upon me. I felt confined as he pulled my arms back.

I was able to free my left hand and take a step that I knew would force him to release me. I tugged at his hair. No touching the face or the hair is against his regulations.

She said, “He punched me hard on the face with his fist,” when asked by Deputy DA Mueller how Masterson reacted when she yanked his hair.

‘I was horrified when he attacked me. I was enraged. “Get off me,” I yelled.

He then stood over me and spat on me after getting up. And he referred to me as white trash.

»Model tells court of Danny Masterson sodomizing her«

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