Kim Kardashian does a true-crime podcast

Kim Kardashian does a true-crime podcast

A true crime podcast is being recorded by Kim Kardashian.

The founder of Skims, who is studying to become a lawyer, is “obsessed” with the topic and is thrilled to have teamed up with Spotify to take a close look at “very weird” cases. The first series will focus on a triple homicide.

I host a true crime podcast on Spotify, she declared. Oh my god, I’m sucked in (with true crime)…

“The System is the name of it. In the first season, a man received the death penalty for a triple killing that occurred in Ohio, which was a particularly bizarre case.

“How it was handled – or mismanaged – has so many twists and turns, and we take the listener along for a journey in quest of the truth.”

The stunning 41-year-old has recently received praise for her efforts to alter the criminal justice system, and she is committed to assist as many women as she can since their experiences spoke to her.

She explained to Interview magazine how she got started with her campaigning: “I just saw something on social media that I didn’t believe was fair, and I didn’t understand it.

“A woman who never committed a violent act and never received a ticket received the same punishment as Charles Manson for answering the phone as a drug mule.

“I don’t get it,” I thought when I saw that. What led to this? Did she require a more capable lawyer? I learned more about it because I genuinely didn’t know.

I reasoned, “Okay, pardoning low-level drug offences is something I can handle.

But until I was taken to a women’s prison, I had no idea that I could support murder. Their tales were remarkably similar. They all committed a crime in the name of their husband or boyfriend.

“I mean, I definitely did some stupid stuff at some point, and any of us could have been in a similar circumstance to me had I made a few different choices.

“Once I realised how flawed the system is, I was unable to stop. I have to be as helpful as I can to everyone. Nobody seems to care that these folks are imprisoned and tossed away. It’s really tragic.

»Kim Kardashian does a true-crime podcast«

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