Keti Jovanovska’s child is reportedly starved to death in Yagoona

Keti Jovanovska’s child is reportedly starved to death in Yagoona

After being questioned about her allegations, a woman who is accused of starving her adolescent autistic son to death by only giving him bread and soda lashed out.

Joshua Djuric, 18, was discovered malnourished and dead at the family home in Yagoona, in the southwest of Sydney, last week. Keti Jovanovska has been charged with his manslaughter.

Ms. Jovanovska is charged with neglecting to provide her kid food, medical attention, or medication while his condition was deteriorating.

On Wednesday, a reporter approached the mother outside of her house and inquired about her well-being.

No, she retorted as she hurried to her vehicle.

A reporter queries, “Has it been a rough period for you?”

Yes, I’m prohibited from speaking. The mother said, “I’m not authorized to speak.”

On Thursday, just before noon, the mother was observed making her way back to her house in Yagoona with a bag containing some groceries and a pack of strawberry-flavored Extra gum.

She constantly told Daily Mail Australia, “I can’t say anything.” I just need to be left alone.

On Thursday morning, a police vehicle drove by the residence, and shortly after Ms. Jovanovska arrived home, two policemen chatted with her briefly at the front door.

A neighbor stated Joshua’s unpredictable behavior had made her “scared” of him the year before the Covid epidemic, but she added that the Jovanovskas were a “beautiful” family.

‘He had approximately a year of pretty bombastic behavior before Covid. He made me feel a little nervous,’ she said to Daily Mail Australia.

Because you never knew what kind of mood he might be in, “I wouldn’t knock on the door.”

She said that Ms. Jovanovska, a Macedonian, had moved into the home with her parents and brother 24 years before.

She said, “They were a great, lovely family.”

She moved away after marrying a guy named Adam, and Ms. Jovanovska’s brother had wed and settled in Melbourne.

Ms. Jovanovska, also known as Kathy to the neighbor, returned to living with her husband and Joshua after giving birth.

She is a beautiful woman, and her spouse is as beautiful. The neighbor said, “I can honestly tell they were a great family.

The mother and son of Ms. Jovanovska were left on their own when her husband and parents finally moved in with their son and daughter-in-law.

The neighbor said, “He was a nice, sociable youngster at the beginning.”

Joshua attended the neighborhood elementary school and subsequently Bass Hill High, although he struggled academically.

The neighbor said that due of his misbehavior or bullying, his mother often had to pick him up from school.

He was a large child who was rather boisterous and rough.

She referred to the family’s front home’s smashed windows and added, “You can tell from the house he used to become a little worried as he grew older.”

I used to ask Kathy, “How’s Josh?” when I saw her at the letterbox. She would then comment, “He’s excellent.”

The neighbor said that throughout the previous 2.5 years, she had not seen Joshua.

She added, “He could have left when I left.

You just don’t know if you don’t live there.

“What a miserable existence he has, I just feel so bad for him.” I’m really sorry for her.

“I believe she gave it her all.” She is really a beautiful lady.

Another neighbor expressed sympathy for Ms. Jovanovska’s situation and enquired as to what help she had received.

She said, “For me, it’s simply a really sad state of things.”

“I don’t see how someone could squeak by like that.” Simply said, it shouldn’t occur.

Nobody should judge that lady, in my opinion, says the speaker.

The neighbor said that even without his condition, it would have been difficult for him to raise a kid alone.

How are you expected to cope if you’re not receiving assistance or respite, she said.

“Can you image this poor woman?” I said. “The typical person raising a kid in this day and age has a terrible time.

I believe it’s crucial that people have compassion for her rather than condemning her or passing judgment without attempting to understand her situation or put themselves in her position.

No one will completely understand until you are the one living that life.

“As a mother, she now has to deal with this, and that, together with everything else she’s gone through, is enough for her.”

The neighbor said that although she was ignorant of the assistance Ms. Jovanovska received in parenting Joshua, there did not seem to be much help.

The neighbor pleaded for patience as Ms. Jovanovska appeared in court.

She said, “I don’t want her name bandied around as if she’s some kind of monster.”

She was a really generous person.

She made the most of the circumstances.

“I believe that compassion and sympathy are key in a circumstance like this.” Her kid has died. People must comprehend that. No matter what, it was her kid.

Several of the house’s windows are boarded up, and there is an old mattress at the front door.

Police claim that despite her son’s failing health, the 52-year-old lady only gave him bread and soft drinks.

When Ms. Jovanovska discovered her son on September 26 at approximately 10:30 p.m., she asked for assistance from the neighborhood.

Joshua was declared dead at the spot despite the emergency services being contacted by the neighbors.

According to court records submitted with her bail application, police said he passed sometime between 6 p.m. and 10:40 p.m. that evening, maybe up to four hours before triple-0 was contacted.

After being interrogated at the Bankstown Police Station, Ms. Jovanovska was brought to the hospital for evaluation.

She appeared in Bankstown Local Court the next morning after being accused of his manslaughter.

Detectives are looking into whether Joshua had any medical or psychological issues that prevented him from taking care of himself.

Ms. Jovanovska is still under stringent bond restrictions and is scheduled to appear in court once again on November 30.

»Keti Jovanovska’s child is reportedly starved to death in Yagoona«

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