Joe Biden calls Britain’s first non-white prime minister “groundbreaking milestone”

Joe Biden calls Britain’s first non-white prime minister “groundbreaking milestone”

The probable selection of Britain’s first non-white prime minister was celebrated by Joe Biden on Monday as a “groundbreaking milestone,” although he mispronounced his name.

Rishi Sunak, who is also of Indian heritage, is anticipated to be chosen prime minister today after visiting King Charles, according to Biden, who was speaking at a White House event to commemorate the Indian festival of Diwali.

But the President fumbled over Sunak’s name, calling him “Rashee Sanook” after many unsuccessful tries. This is only the most recent in a string of errors that have fuelled widespread rumors about the President’s failing mental health.

As his Conservative Party experiences significant turbulence, Sunak, a 42-year-old multimillionaire and former hedge fund manager, will become the nation’s youngest leader in modern history and its third in less than two months.

His family arrived in Britain from India in the 1960s, a time when many residents of Britain’s former colonies arrived to aid in the nation’s post-World War Two reconstruction.

Biden said, “We have news that [Rishi Sunak] is now the prime minister.”

A significant accomplishment that matters.

The U.S. president often waits to extend his congratulations until after an incoming British prime minister has met with the queen and been officially asked to form a new government. According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Biden will phone Sunak in the coming days.

“And whether it’s the United Kingdom, where just today we received word that [Rishi Sunak] is now the prime minister,” Biden added in his address.

The crowd laughed as he said, “As my brother would say, “go figure”!”

And when he visits the King tomorrow, the Conservative Party is anticipated to become the government.

“Pretty amazing. a historic accomplishment. Additionally, it is important.

Sunak’s selection, according to an opposition British MP who spoke out against him on Twitter, is “not a triumph for Asian representation” because of his enormous personal riches.

The Socialist Campaign Group member and Labour party MP Nadia Whittome warned her supporters that the country’s new leader is “not on your side.”

The 26-year-old, who also has Indian ancestry, tweeted yesterday that “Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister isn’t a triumph for Asian representation.”

He is a multimillionaire who, as chancellor, lowered taxes on bank profits despite presiding over the worst decline in living standards since 1956.

He is not on your side if you are employed, whether you are black, white, or Asian.

The Daily Telegraph said that her tweet was subsequently removed after she was approached by Labour headquarters and asked to do so.

Sunak will become the first Hindu prime minister in the history of the UK, the first of Asian descent, and the youngest to assume the office in more than two centuries at the age of 42 with his win in the Conservative party leadership contest occurring on Diwali.

After Liz Truss, the former prime minister, resigned after just 45 days in office, Sunak will take over at 10 Downing Street.

In a tweet congratulating Sunak, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote: “Special Diwali greetings to “living bridge” of UK Indians as we turn historic links into contemporary cooperation.”

Sunak has discussed the importance of his Asian ethnicity, telling the BBC that he was a first-generation immigrant. Since my parents immigrated here, this generation of individuals was born here but their parents were not, and they came to this nation to establish a life for themselves.

Benjamin Disraeli, a Jew, served as the first and only minority prime minister of the UK in 1874.

»Joe Biden calls Britain’s first non-white prime minister “groundbreaking milestone”«

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