Human remains are uncovered near Darwin and Katherine

Human remains are uncovered near Darwin and Katherine

The Northern Territory has seen the discovery of further human skeletal remains, including a cranium unearthed close to Katherine.

The human skull was discovered late on Tuesday, according to NT police, some 320 kilometers south of Darwin.

According to a police official, the area has been classified as a crime scene.

It occurs a week after a bushwalker and his dog discovered skeletal remains on the outskirts of Darwin, including a human skull.

At the location at Lee Point Beach, roughly 20 kilometers north of Darwin, police also put up a crime scene.

According to Detective Acting Superintendent Karl Day, “He had a dog with him that could have knocked it out into the open.”

There is undoubtedly a lot of shrubbery and leaf litter. He just had a glimpse of a portion of the bones, but upon closer inspection, it was evident that it was a skull.

According to Det Supt Day, there is currently “no sign of any damage to the skull” or any of the other bigger bones.

Several bones and bone pieces have been found. There is likely enough to suggest a single whole corpse, but nothing to suggest more than one,’ he added.

Det Supt Day said that crime scene investigators were attempting to “time stamp” the remains since it was unknown how long they had been at the location.

He said that forensic pathologists and other medical professionals had thoroughly studied the site.

At this time, the archaeological specialists who are working with us have not suggested that the location is a traditional burial place, but those possibilities are still open.

The person’s identity was being sought for by the NT police’s serious crime squad, missing persons squad, and cold case teams.

Until otherwise shown, everything is still under criminal investigation. Det Supt. Day said that it is much too early to speculate as to how this individual died.

»Human remains are uncovered near Darwin and Katherine«

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