Herschel Walker admits to paying his ex-girlfriend 0

Herschel Walker admits to paying his ex-girlfriend $700

In a wide-ranging interview with NBC, Georgia Republican Herschel Walker confessed to sending his ex-girlfriend a $700 check and that the only Biden policy he supports is “eating a lot of ice cream.”

A copy of the check and a receipt for the abortion operation were sent to NBC by Walker’s ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be the mother of one of his kids. During the interview, the news organization gave Walker a duplicate of the check.

The Senate candidate, who is in one of the most contentious battles in this year’s midterm elections, said, “Yes, that’s my check.”

But he refuted the claim that the 2009 cheque was meant to cover an abortion.

Walker said, “It’s a lie.” “Prove I did it,” I said. Just demonstrate things for me that have no effect on me.

He stated he had given the lady many cheques over the years and added that he had “no clue what it might be for.” According to the lady, Walker only paid her that amount before she became pregnant.

Walker said, “Everyone is trying to deceive me and make me reply, and you want me to say something that is a lie.

Walker said, “Voters trust me because I have been absolutely upfront about everything I have ever done,” in reference to why voters should believe him. You are aware that I authored a book detailing everything I did, making no attempt to conceal anything.

A copy of the $700 check and a “get well” card the former NFL player sent her in 2009 were given by the lady, who initially told The Daily Beast that Walker had coerced her into having an abortion. Walker’s child was again conceived by the lady in 2011, but she denied his wishes to have an abortion, leading to the breakdown of their relationship.

When asked whether there was anything that President Biden had done that he agreed with, Walker said, “One thing that he’s done that I agree with? He devours an abundance of ice cream.

Walker originally stated his support for Sen. Lindsey Graham’s measure, which would ban abortion after 15 weeks with no exceptions for rape or incest, but he changed his mind during a Friday discussion with Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

He said that he was in favor of the heartbeat law in Georgia, which prohibits abortions early in pregnancy but creates an exemption for rape and incest.

Walker said, “I will always defend life, but I also support what the voice of the people is.” The Georgia heartbeat law, which has exceptions, is known as “the people’s voice.” Well, I represent the people as a senator. I said, “One of the issues we have is that in Washington, senators have forgotten about the people who elected them.”

Walker justified pulling a phony police badge during the debate on Friday night.

I wrote this at my hometown. Walker said in the NBC interview, “This is from Johnson County from the sheriff from Johnson County, and it is a legitimate badge.

Warnock said that Walker had “pretended to be a police officer” when he drew out the honorary badge.

During the argument, Warnock said, “One thing I haven’t done: I’ve never pretended to be a police officer, and I’ve never threatened a firefight with cops.”

Everyone is free to make fun of me, but this badge gives me the authority… Walker added in the NBC interview, “I have the right to cooperate with the police in getting things done if something transpired in this county.”

Walker emphasized, “I never exaggerate.” “I never did it.” I’m a law enforcement officer.

The senatorial candidate also addressed claims of domestic abuse made by his ex-wife and Christian, a conservative influencer who is 23 years old.

In response to Christian’s claims that he and his mother had to relocate “six times in six months escaping from your violence,” Walker was questioned.

I cherish Christian, my son. I cherish my entire family. They are things that I will always adore. I won’t say anything violent, and that’s what I’ll say for my kid Christian,” Walker said.

asked about his battles with mental illness, which he detailed in a book he authored in 2008. He said that his dissociative personality disorder symptoms had subsided.

Walker admitted to being “redeemed” to NBC.

I’ll put it this way: Everyone wants to discuss a place I formerly lived in. I no longer reside there. I quit my job. My life is now going through some amazing changes.

Walker has attributed the claims of prior violent incidents on his illness. Cindy Grossman, Christian’s mother, said in a 2008 interview with CNN that Walker had repeatedly put a pistol to her head and once put a razor to her neck. Walker stated he had no memory of the accusations but did not refute them.

Walker was propelled to the top of the Senate contest by former President Trump, despite his tarnished record. Walker, though, declined to address the former president’s ongoing allegations of 2020 election fraud.

He mentioned Herschel Walker’s running throughout the conversation.

President Trump will not be a candidate. The president is in Florida. President Biden and Senator Warnock are now in government, and their policies are harming our nation.

Walker said, when asked explicitly whether he thought the election was rigged, “I have no clue and I don’t care.” I’m concerned about the upcoming election in November.

»Herschel Walker admits to paying his ex-girlfriend $700«

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