Adrian Trevor Moore is convicted of sexual violence

Adrian Trevor Moore is convicted of sexual violence

An evil former police officer was found guilty of drugging and raping 13 women between 2007 and 2018 who he met on dating apps.

Former West Australian police officer Adrian Trevor Moore, 52, has refuted all 87 of the accusations made against him, including those of bestiality and sexual entrapment without permission.

However, after a five-week trial, a jury needed only six hours to convict Moore guilty of all charges.

Judge Alan Troy remarked that the former senior police officer had engaged in “exceptional sadism” after the court heard testimony about how Moore coerced his victims into a series of humiliating sex activities.

These included striking them, forcing them to engage in sexual actions with their dogs, and peeing in their mouths.

At the trial, all 13 women testified, and Moore’s video recordings of the assault were shown to the jury in Perth District Court.

Two jury members had to be dismissed from the proceedings because the video was so upsetting, and other jurors requested emergency counseling. The Age stated that spectators and reporters were not allowed to attend.

Judge Troy said that although it was “utterly inevitable,” he “greatly regretted” that the jury had to see such vivid and upsetting images.

It had been a “extraordinarily hard trial,” he added, adding that Moore’s offenses “involve a degree of sadism that is unmatched in my experience.”

One of Moore’s victims, a different police officer, filed a complaint with the internal affairs division of the WA Police, which led to the first disclosure of Moore’s crimes.

The 52-year-old said that part of the alleged abuse did not occur at all and that his victims had agreed to bondage and other masochistic sexual activities.

The court heard that he gained the confidence of his victims by using his status as a police officer—he had previously been nominated for officer of the year.

Additionally, he had looked up information on several of his victims using a computer system.

After Moore’s arrest in 2018, according to state prosecutor Adam Ebell, police discovered a hard drive in a safe at his residence that included hundreds of horrifying pictures and videos.

These included images and video that were secretly captured of 11 out of the 13 ladies and showed that they were all under the influence of drugs on at least one occasion each.

Moore often met his victims on dating websites and apps like RSVP and Tinder.

2018 saw his arrest at his residence in the Kelmscott neighborhood of southeast Perth.

Police discovered a paper labeled “Girls I’ve F**ked 2016” during a search on his residence. It had names and locations, what he had done to the women, and a score.

According to testimony given in court, several of the victims remembered experiencing agony later on and waking up with bruises and blood but were unsure of why.

The judgment came after a “long and difficult” investigation, according to WA Police Detective Inspector Simone Van Der Sluys, who was speaking outside of court.

She said that the victims were still receiving care and expressed the hope that this will provide some closure for them.

On December 13, Moore will return to court for sentence.

»Adrian Trevor Moore is convicted of sexual violence«

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