Former Starbucks workers rate 9 popular drinks

Former Starbucks workers rate 9 popular drinks

Black brewed coffee is inexpensive yet sometimes lacking.

Simple brewed coffee is one of the most common orders at Starbucks, but it’s not necessarily the best, according to former barista Danielle Damrell.

She thinks Starbucks burns the flavour of their coffee by over-roasting the beans.

She said, “There’s a reason it’s the cheapest item on the menu.

A higher bargain may be found with pour-over coffee.

Damrell said that she preferred pour-over black coffee from Starbucks over the typical batch-brewed brew. Hot water is poured over ground coffee beans in a filter to create pour-over coffee.

Ask for a pour-over if you want better-tasting black coffee for the same price as regularly brewed coffee, said Damrell.

The coffee may taste smoother even if it takes a little longer to prepare this order.

It may not be worth it to have the chai tea latte.

Damrell said that Starbucks’ chai lattes aren’t prepared in-house, unlike the company’s brewed coffee.

Starbucks’ chai “is not it if you’re looking for a fresh, hand-made choice,” Damrell told Insider.

She said that the chai is pre-mixed and the baristas just need to add milk or water to serve it.

The Cloud Macchiato was labelled as a “waste of money” by one barista.

Kathryn Humphreys, a former Starbucks barista, said that the company’s Cloud Macchiato, a whipped, iced espresso drink delivered with a thick coating of froth and a drizzle of flavouring syrup, isn’t worth the high price.

Humphreys said, “The Cloud Macchiato is a complete waste of money. You’re paying for additional air; it’s simply meringue powder mixed with milk to create a little bit more foam.

Ask the barista for a little more froth on your ordinary macchiato to save money.

If you want a light coffee with caffeine, blonde-roast is a decent option.

The Starbucks blonde roast is well-known for its smooth flavour and strong caffeine kick.

My favourite brewed coffee flavour is blonde roast, according to Damrell. It is the smoothest and has the most caffeine, in my opinion.

Blonde-roast beans are roasted for a shorter period of time than Starbucks’ normal beans, giving them a gentler flavour and less bitterness.

Making frappuccinos requires a lot of labour.

Starbucks is renowned for their decadent Frappuccinos, but creating the sweet, blended iced coffee drink takes a lot of work.

Because they take much more work to produce than virtually any other beverage, “many baristas will moan when someone requests a Frappuccino,” said Damrell.

Even if the barista is producing several servings of the same flavour, each Frappuccino, according to Damrell, has to be blended individually. Additionally, each Frappuccino flavour specifies a long list of ingredients that baristas must remember.

Single-syrup lattes are a reasonably priced treat.

A single-syrup latte may be ordered to fulfil a demand for flavoured coffee at a lower cost.

One of my go-to orders is a single-syrup toffee-nut latte, said Damrell. Although paying $5 for a latte is still not ideal, it is less expensive than the majority of the other flavoured beverages on the menu.

Damrell claims that different drinks need different amounts of syrup pumps: three for a tall, four for a grande, and five for a venti. To reduce the sweetness and cost, request fewer pumps.

The well-liked salted-caramel mocha, according to one barista, is a robust, solid order.

One of the most well-liked winter beverages on Starbucks’ menu is the salted-caramel mocha, which is one of a variety of seasonal drinks it provides.

The salted-caramel mocha is the only speciality beverage I like, according to Humphreys. “The addition of the sea salt is just what a chilly winter morning needs,” the reviewer said of the whipped cream and caramel on top.

The beverage also includes toffee-nut syrup and mocha sauce in addition to whipped cream, caramel syrup, and salt flakes.

A smooth option is the vanilla sweet-cream cold brew.

One of Humphreys’ favourite drinks is the Starbucks vanilla sweet-cream cold brew, she said. Coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for many hours to produce a cold-brew beverage with a smoother taste.

Humphreys noted that the cold-brew method “makes the coffee fairly robust, but not harsh.” A flawlessly sweet and smooth flavour is added by the vanilla cream.

The beverage is often served cold, but if you like a stronger taste, ask for it with less ice.

»Former Starbucks workers rate 9 popular drinks«

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