Female lout without ticket: “I’ll kill you on Facebook”

Female lout without ticket: “I’ll kill you on Facebook”

A woman was ordered to make restitution to a train conductor after threatening to seek her down and kill her on Facebook after being suspected of fee evasion.

Part-time DJ Jade Leech (pictured), 28, was ordered to pay damages to rail conductor Elle Stacie after threatening to track her down on Facebook and kill her when she was asked to show a ticket
Part-time After enduring terrible abuse from DJ Jade Leech, age 28, female conductor Elle Stacie had no choice but to hide in the driver’s cabin for fear of her life.

Leech was merely asked to show her ticket, but she responded in a horrible manner by telling Miss Stacie that she had memorized the conductor’s name for her staff ID card.

Leech, appearing at Sefton Magistrates' Court, was also handed a 16-week suspended prison sentence after her abusive rant

The impolite woman then said, “I will knife you, I will kill you!” I’ll kill you after tracking you down on Facebook.

Miss Stacie, an employee of Merseyrail, stated that she was merely attempting to perform her duties when she was rendered physically trembling after the horrifying incident.

Leech's defence lawyer said that she duffers from a personality disorder and anxiety and had actually been on the phone to a doctor at the time Miss Stacie approached her

She claimed, “I was so afraid for my safety that I locked myself in the cab because I did not know if she would carry out the threat she had made against me.”

The next day, I returned to my job and did my best to put this incident out of my mind, but I was emotionally tired. I wanted nothing more than to go home and curl up in a ball.

At Sefton Magistrates’ Court, Leech, of Woolton, Liverpool, pleaded guilty to using threatening behavior and was sentenced to pay £250 in restitution to Miss Stacie.

The abusive rail passenger had 59 previous offences on her record including shoplifting and threatening somebody with a blade

The aggressive passenger was also sentenced to 16 weeks in prison with 12 months suspended and 20 days of rehabilitation work with the probation service.

Part-time DJ Jade Leech (pictured), 28, was forced to pay rail conductor Elle Stacie damages after threatening to track her down and kill her on Facebook after being asked to provide a ticket.

After her nasty diatribe, Leech was also given a 16-week suspended prison sentence by the Sefton Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Callum Bryce told the court that Leech was a passenger on a train leaving Liverpool at approximately 1:50 p.m. on January 7 when she was asked for her ticket by Miss Stacie.

According to him, Miss Stacie recognized the defendant since she had previously interacted with her.

She did not have a ticket for the train. Mr. Bryce stated that she was asked for her ticket and replied, “I’m on the phone, please return,”

Miss Stacie demanded to examine the ticket before remarking, “You’ve done this before.”

The defendant then stated, “I remember you; you have already ejected me.” The conductor stated that she wanted to see the ticket, but the defendant began to yell at her, calling her a “f***ing b****” and threatening to stab and kill her.

The prosecutor continued to recount how Leech insisted on asking Elle Stacie for her name before reading it from her name badge.

He said, “She responded, “I’m going to find you on Facebook and murder you because that is a stupid f***ing name.”

Miss Stacie immediately boarded a cab. She stated that she was terrified. She was unaware of whether the defendant had a knife. She was uncertain of her capabilities.

She expressed fear that if she had a knife, she would attempt to kill her.

The conductor stopped the train at the station and locked the doors so that police could remove Ms. Leech. Additionally, the driver stated that Miss Leech seemed hostile and irritated. She was yelling, ‘If you do not open that door, I will stab someone!’ Leech suffers from a personality condition and anxiety, and was actually on the phone with a doctor when Miss Stacie approached her, according to Leech’s defense attorney.

‘He, too, was apprehensive. Miss Stacie sincerely feared she might be stabbed. Fear was also induced in the conductor of the train. This occurred on a moving train from which passengers cannot exit.’

Leech has 59 prior convictions, including stealing, criminal damage, affray, and public order offenses, as well as for brandishing a blade and threatening someone.

In mitigation, defense attorney Martin Saxon stated that Leech has a personality condition and anxiety, and that she was on the phone with her doctor when the conductor talked to her.

The attorney stated, “She was in a heightened emotional state and she simply burst.”

She acted in a very impetuous manner on the train. Her mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer, was also gravely ill. On that day, everything piled up on her.

When sentencing Leech, District Judge Paul Healey stated, ‘It is a significant matter when there are passengers on the train and employees are performing their duties to verify tickets.’

It was completely wrong that they were threatened with violence in this confined space. It is terrifying for them and upsetting for other people in the vicinity.

The aggressive train rider had 59 prior convictions, including theft and threatening someone with a knife.

You have a lengthy history of offenses of this nature, and you have been incarcerated for similar conduct. You have numerous criminal convictions.

‘I’m aware that you were trying to cope with bad news about your mother’s health around this time. I share this sentiment. It is something that we all must endure, and it is challenging.

“However, you have an extensive history of disorderly conduct and threats of violence, and I must evaluate whether to impose an immediate prison sentence.”

The judge then told the court that he was ‘encouraged’ by the probation report, which demonstrated that Leech had taken steps to address her behavior.

Moreover, you are engaging with mental health services.

You have taken precautions to avoid similar circumstances, particularly on trains.

The court stated that he would examine her case in November to ensure that she was cooperating with probation and mental health services to address her concerns; otherwise, she faced the possibility of being sent to prison.

He stated, “If you commit another crime within the next 12 months, you will almost certainly go to prison.”

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