Expat tells everything they detest about living Down Under

Expat tells everything they detest about living Down Under

After posting a lengthy list of reasons why they don’t enjoy living in Australia, a Reddit user triggered a discussion.

The person said on social media that despite years of living abroad, they had “always struggled to love being in Australia.”

They complained that it was difficult to get together with friends, and they criticized the high expense of living, dining out, and booze.

In contrast, they complimented Asia and said that it was inexpensive, claiming that dining out was both economical and of great quality.

Many of the respondents to the comments agreed that Australia is not all that it’s made up to be.

However, other people were more in favor of the nation.

I’ve lived in several different countries throughout the years (mostly in Asia), but I’ve never been able to appreciate living in Australia, the user added in their article. If you have lived abroad, please let me know about your experience.

You can grab drinks at a neighborhood bar easily, walk to where you want to go, live in high-quality apartments, have access to events and well-kept parks, have friends close by, and always feel comfortable if you live in Asia.

In contrast to Australia, we either live in the suburban sprawl near nothing, where even the simplest of tasks must be planned out across many hours, or we inhabit a subpar apartment that costs nearly as much as a three-bedroom home.

Basic activities like dining out or going out for a drink with friends are pleasures we’re fortunate to undertake once a week or twice a month and are a logistical headache. Furthermore, the quality and price seldom coincide.

In Australia, it’s possible to get well-paying professions, but it seems as if we’ve given away everything else that makes life joyful in exchange for it.

We spend the majority of our time inside our homes in suburban “golden handcuffs,” eagerly awaiting the next occasion when we can afford to step outdoors.

The biggest drawback of city living in Australia, according to one commenter who agreed with the piece, is the dearth of nightlife. In Australia, everything shuts down early, and even on a Sunday afternoon, the malls are empty.

Another person said: “Lack of urban/metro regions is one thing I detest about living in Australia. I sometimes daydream of moving out and starting over somewhere fresh in Australia, but there are really only like 4 areas where you can do that.

“It seems lonely and alone.” We’re not just geographically isolated from any other nations, with each of the main capital cities being around 1000 kilometers apart and requiring a full day to get to each one by automobile. New Zealand, Bali, and Melanesia are the most “local” foreign countries that Australians can afford to visit.

I’m envious that driving only two hours in any direction in Europe can transport you to a whole new nation where a different language is spoken. I’d really want to visit Europe and the United States, but they are on the other side of the world.

A third person said, “I reside in a first-rate apartment that is surrounded by places to eat, drink, and beautiful parks. Although I agree that much of Australia isn’t like that, I detest sprawling suburbs.

I just drive a few times a week, and if I wanted to, I could definitely quit. Burbs? Without an automobile, nothing is possible. Work? Car. Groceries? Car. Coffee? Car. Takeaway? Car. Australia’s suburban culture has become more dispersed and car-dependent than in the United States.

One individual said: “I’m from Europe and too have found my Australian friendships lacking,” while another said: ” just don’t appear to be able to forge the same kind of deeper connection with my fellow Europeans that I was able to.

Others, though, sprang to Australia’s defense right away.

I’m from India, one of them remarked. I grew up in Melbourne and now reside on the Gold Coast. There are certain elements about India that I miss, but they are largely particular individuals and locations.

“The standard of living is noticeably higher here.” Everything is very spotless. As a consequence of our taxes, there are excellent roads, beautiful lakes and forests, and universal access to healthcare.

I can go to the lake in five minutes, to the mountains in twenty, and to a conservation forest by walking across the street. In my backyard, I often see remarkable creatures.

I have only been a resident of Australia for seven months, yet I feel that you have greatly oversimplified the situation. In Sydney or Melbourne, there are a ton of alternative locations to reside besides sprawling suburbs and apartment buildings.

The cost of eating out and other expenses is part of living in a nation with respectable labor rights, a livable salary, and high standards for product quality.

Another added: “I’ll be to the beach with the dog in 10 minutes and it’s free.” We have free grills everywhere—in parks, on trails, along the beach, etc. It’s a fantastic location for free outdoor activities.

»Expat tells everything they detest about living Down Under«

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