Jessica Alves Reveals She Identifies as Sapiosexual During This Morning Interview and Discusses Her Search for Love

Jessica Alves Reveals She Identifies as Sapiosexual During This Morning Interview and Discusses Her Search for Love

Jessica Alves, former Celebrity Big Brother star, has recently opened up about her personal life and her search for love.

During an appearance on This Morning, Alves revealed that she identifies as a sapiosexual, a term unfamiliar to many. This revelation comes as she shares her experiences and aspirations following numerous surgeries and a newfound sense of self-contentment.

Defining Sapiosexuality

During her interview with hosts Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley, Alves described her ideal partner, emphasizing intelligence as a key trait. When she mentioned being “a little bit sapiosexual,” the hosts appeared puzzled.

Alves clarified, explaining, “So basically I am attracted to intelligent minds.” Sapiosexuality, according to WebMD, means being sexually attracted to highly intelligent people, considering it the most important trait in a partner.

Appearance and Confidence

Jessica Alves looked stunning during her interview, showcasing her surgically enhanced assets in a plunging turquoise power suit.

After spending £1 million on over 100 operations over 21 years, she declared she is finally content with her appearance.

“I am at the end of my surgeries. I have had everything under the sun; there is nothing else for me to do.

I am 40 now, and I just want to live my life and be inspirational and help others to learn from my experiences,” she shared.

The Final Surgery

Although Alves is satisfied with her physical transformation, she mentioned one last procedure she hopes to undergo—vocal cord surgery.

“I had a vocal cord surgery four years ago, and I would like to get another one, but it is a functional surgery, not beauty,” she explained.

Alves admitted that she dislikes her voice and often turns down radio appearances because she hates hearing herself.

Search for Love

Jessica Alves has been actively seeking a partner, turning to dating apps like Bumble and Tinder. She candidly discussed her past heartbreaks with younger boyfriends and her current approach to dating. “I am 40 years old and I’m still single.

I’ve dated all sorts but not yet found my Prince Charming,” she said. Alves noted that men on Bumble tend to be more serious and courteous, while Tinder users often seek only casual encounters.

Challenges in Online Dating

Alves revealed the challenges she faces with online dating, as her profiles are often assumed to be fake. “Most of the time, the users assume that my profile is fake and my account gets taken down due to reports.

I have to email Tinder or Bumble to explain that it is me, Jessica Alves, indeed and that it is a real account,” she shared.

Despite these setbacks, she remains hopeful about finding her true love.

Dreams of Marriage

Being single at 40 scares Alves, but she still dreams of marriage and having children. “I have over £6 million pounds saved aside for my wedding, and I shall continue to keep money aside for that dream of mine to happen.

I want a princess wedding,” she said. Alves also highlighted her desire for an honest, hardworking man, as she has encountered both gold diggers and very wealthy men in the past.


Jessica Alves’s journey to self-acceptance and her quest for love are inspiring. Her candidness about her surgeries, sapiosexuality, and dating experiences offers a unique perspective on personal growth and the search for genuine connections.

As she continues to navigate the complexities of modern dating, Alves remains optimistic about finding her perfect match and achieving her dreams of a fairytale wedding.


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