Escort Services Surge at St. Petersburg International Economic Forum with Costs Reaching Up to $34,000 Per Week

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in 2024 has witnessed a remarkable surge in the demand and prices for escort services.

This year, the cost of these services has skyrocketed, reaching up to three million rubles (approximately $34,000) per week, as reported by an industry insider to the Fontanka publication.

The forum, known for its international economic discussions, has also gained a reputation for its flourishing escort industry, drawing attention from around the globe.

Rising Costs and Qualifications

An unnamed escort industry worker explained that the pricing for services at SPIEF depends significantly on the “interest and qualifications” of the escorts. She noted, “The price may reach two and a half to three million rubles.”

This considerable sum reflects the high demand for skilled and experienced escorts who cater to the affluent attendees of the forum.

Despite the high prices, the demand for escort services at the forum remains robust.

The industry insider refuted claims that supply could not keep up with demand, suggesting that there are plenty of professionals available for those willing to pay the premium prices.

Industry Dynamics and Client Preferences

The dynamics of the escort industry at SPIEF are influenced by various factors, including the temporary nature of the profession for many escorts. “Girls don’t stay in the profession for long.

They make the required amount and leave,” the source added. This turnover contributes to the fluctuating availability and pricing within the market.

According to the Moskovsky Komsomolets publication, the cost of full support services has nearly doubled in 2024 compared to the previous year, with prices reaching up to 700,000 rubles ($7,800) for a full day.

Escorts from other cities offer reduced rates, with some charging around 350,000 rubles.

Quality Over Quantity

Clients at SPIEF are discerning and tend to prioritize quality over cost. An escort manager highlighted the importance of distinguishing between “quality service” and “cheap fakes” who lack proficiency in foreign languages, etiquette, and economic topics.

“Clients understand this and give preference to reputable escort agencies,” the Fontanka report stated. This emphasis on quality ensures that clients receive a high standard of service commensurate with the premium prices.

The Forum’s Reputation

The scale and diversity of the escort services at SPIEF have earned it a colloquial moniker: the “St. Petersburg International Escort Forum.” This nickname underscores the significant presence and variety of escorts catering to the forum’s international attendees.

The economic forum has thus become synonymous not only with high-level economic discussions but also with the vibrant and lucrative escort industry that thrives in its shadow.


The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2024 has underscored the significant financial potential of the escort industry during such high-profile events.

With prices reaching up to three million rubles per week, the forum highlights the intersection of economic power and personal services.

The increasing demand and rising costs reflect the broader trends within the industry, where quality and qualifications drive market dynamics.

As SPIEF continues to attract global attention, the escort services associated with it will likely remain a prominent and controversial aspect of the event.

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