Eight-year-old girl survives iron rod through chin and mouth

Eight-year-old girl survives iron rod through chin and mouth

An eight-year-old girl achieved a miraculous recovery after an iron rod pierced her jaw and exited her mouth when she tripped and fell on a pole at a construction site.

Taliba, a resident of the Kheri area of Uttar Pradesh in India, was freed and transferred to the hospital, where a 35-minute procedure removed the pole.

It miraculously missed crucial nerves and blood vessels to the brain, according to the doctors, and the child was speaking within eight hours.

Dr. Rajkumar Koli, who led the procedure, remarked, “It was the most tragic situation I’ve ever encountered in my career.”

Due to the severity of the accident, the doctor instructed the patient’s family to transport her to a medical college around 140 kilometers away; however, they were unable to do so, leaving him with the responsibility of performing the operation.

Taliba is currently healing at home, is able to speak and eat, and a full recovery is anticipated. The eight-year-old resident of Bhulanpur village tripped on the projecting rod while playing outside.

It pierced her lower jaw and exited her mouth as the other youngsters hurried to find her family.

At approximately 6 p.m. on October 4, they cut a part of the rod and hurried her to the closest district hospital 15 kilometers away in Motipur.

Dr. Koli stated, “Due to the girl’s urgent condition, I was summoned to do emergency surgery.”

I examined the patient’s vital signs and, recognizing the risk, instructed the girl’s parents to transport her to Lucknow Medical College, almost 140 kilometers away.

“However, the girl’s parents were unable to transport her that far, so they asked me to perform the surgery.”

‘It was a difficult scenario because the district hospital’s x-ray facility is unavailable after 5 p.m.

“I immediately notified the anesthesiologist to administer local anesthesia and began the procedure to rescue the major blood arteries surrounding the punctured area.”

“The rod was securely attached, and I had to make a 1cm cut and slowly draw it out to release it.” The treatment lasted around 35 minutes.

The doctor said that it was fortunate that no blood vessels to the brain or trachea were punctured by the rod.

“Removing the rod without even somewhat damaging those organs was difficult,” Dr. Koli stated.

After stopping the bleeding outside, treating the wound, and stabilizing the patient’s condition, she was transferred to the recovery unit.

After three days, the patient was released from the hospital. Within eight hours of the rod being properly removed, the girl began speaking.

The girl is currently thriving at home and is able to speak and eat regularly.

»Eight-year-old girl survives iron rod through chin and mouth«

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