DJ Luwayne Wonder responds to ex-wife accusations

DJ Luwayne Wonder responds to ex-wife accusations

A week after he was outed on social media, the DJ and radio host from Cape Town who is accused of having an affair after leaving his ill wife has spoken out.

DJ Luwayne Wonder, whose true name is Luwayne Bouwers, made news in 2020 when he issued an urgent Facebook message to his listeners.

The 37-year-old father of three was outed by his wife Crystal Pretorius, who posted about her husband’s infidelity on Facebook.

Pretorius revealed to IOL Entertainment that she decided to reveal the secret only after he flaunted his new girlfriend on social media.

In 2020, Pretorius was left paralyzed on her right side after sustaining brain injury from a hemorrhage while living in Dubai.

The DJ asked his friends and followers on social media to help him raise R500,000 to bring Pretorius back to South Africa.

Pretorius stated last week that Bouwers dumped her shortly after her hospital discharge, a few months after her return to South Africa.

Bouwers has now broken his silence on Pretorius’ allegations against him.

M Titus, the media manager for Luwayne Wonder, wrote the following statement on his Facebook page: “Over the past few days, I’ve been subjected to severe scrutiny, threats, rumors, and allegations. False, spiteful, and cruel fabrications of damaging claims.

“Allegations connected to this subject touch multiple parties, including my three minor children, my family, my partner, as well as her minor child and her family, in relation to a sensitive matter for all parties.

“As a DJ and radio host with a public profile, it is my responsibility to reply and provide clarity on the issue at hand.

“I have supplied a timeline relative to the pertinent allegations as well as offering transparency during the period I was the primary caregiver, while Crystal, myself, and our children were still living with my mother and stepfather.

“I hope that this clarifies the situation. By noting that I continue to remain at my mother and stepfather’s residence, while Crystal has moved out and has been living with her family – which will be discussed in full in this press release -, I wish to clarify that I continue to reside with my mother and stepfather.

“Therefore, the charges regarding the Facebook post by Crystal Lynn Pretorius titled ‘A fully married man’ are just false.”

The statement continues with a listing of events and dates gleaned from his Facebook posts:

From October 2020 to the Present

1. October 29, 2020 – (Reference, Facebook LuWayne Wonder) After suffering a stroke on October 5, 2020, I filmed a video outlining the immediate assistance required to repatriate Crystal back to South Africa.

2. 22 November 2020 – (Reference, across all media platforms) Due to the immense support our family received from the general public, Back-A-Buddy, family, media platforms, friends, DJ colleagues, and radio stations, the “Bring The Bouwers Back” crowdfunding online event was created.

I effectively and gratefully accomplished the objective.

3. On 9 December 2020, Crystal landed in Cape Town, South Africa still sedated via medical air ambulance… and was promptly admitted to Tygerberg Hospital via ambulance with a medical team. Approximately R265 000 in price.

4. On December 11, 2020, I moved into my parents’ home in Cape Town, South Africa, with our three daughters, 48 hours following Crystal’s arrival. Approximately R53 000, exclusive of bank fees.

5. 21 December 2020 – (Reference, various news publications) The acquisition of a used 2012 Audi A4 Avant station wagon. A vehicle that could comfortably transport Crystal, our girls, a wheelchair, and our infant daughter’s car seat.

Prior to this, my children and I had no means of transportation. I had no choice but to purchase a car. Approximately R140 000 in cost

6. January 26, 2021 – (Reference, Facebook LuWayne Wonder) In the above-mentioned vehicle, I was able to film a movie and inform the audience about the following: That her physiotherapist had contacted me with the wonderful news, notifying me that Crystal will be freed from Tygerberg Hospital, transported to The Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre, and admitted there.

I praised the hospital personnel for the extraordinary care they offered Crystal, as well as the public for their constant support, and expressed our optimism over Crystal’s rehabilitation center stay.

7. 10 March 2021 – ( Reference, Facebook LuWayne Wonder) This was the second video I captured from the same vehicle in the Western Cape Rehabilitation facility’s parking lot.

It was an emotional day for me and my loved ones, and I was able to provide the following information to the public: I was informed by the Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, and Case Worker located at the rehabilitation center that Crystal will be freed from the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre on May 7, 2021.

8. On May 7, 2021, I picked up Crystal from the rehabilitation center in our used Audi. Remember that this was the first time in months that Crystal was no longer hospitalized.

When I asked Crystal if she liked the car I bought for us and our girls, she said, “Wow! Yes I do”. I knew Crystal liked showy automobiles like those we drove in Dubai, UAE, so I wanted to surprise her with a vehicle she and our daughters could enjoy together.

As the used Audi was acquired to fit Crystal, our children, a wheelchair, and a car seat, the charges surrounding the vehicle are incorrect.

9. 27 July 2021 – Crystal’s birthday was on July 26, and I surprised her with a one-night stay at a fancy hotel in the Central Business District.

10. May 2021 to February 2022 — Since returning to Cape Town in December 2020, Crystal and I resided with my parents, along with our children, in a home that they modified to suit her and her wheelchair.

During this period, we all had to adjust to a new way of life with my crippled wife and our children’s mother living with us. I was a Husband, Caregiver, Father to our children, Provider, and Son during this period.

Regular monthly prescription runs, doctor visits for respiratory issues, hospital emergency due to seizures, allergic reactions to medications, speech therapy sessions, physiotherapy sessions, and appointments with neuro experts at Tygerberg Hospital. I was melancholy, grieving my former life with Crystal, and despondent.

Life was demanding on both of us, our children, and our families during the time we lived together in my parents’ home, and we were no longer compatible. The fact that Crystal thought she was a burden in our marriage rendered us incompatible. As a DJ, my life progressed and employment during the December holiday season became busier.

I had to work as much as possible because the crowd-funded money we had received would not last forever.

I had conversations with Crystal regarding a divorce. It was apparent that the end of our union was close at hand. No longer was life normal. Approximately R10 000 per month in expenses.

11. February 2022 – After consulting with me and our respective families, Crystal decided to leave the household and move in with her family.

One afternoon, at her own request, her family picked her up and left shortly thereafter. Crystal was never instructed to leave the residence.

After my separation from Crystal, her seizures slowed considerably. After months of separation, I met my current partner. Crystal and I were no longer a “whole married” couple at this point (Reference, Facebook Crystal Lynn Pretorius )

There was no purported months-long affair. Our marriage ended well before I met my current partner. I informed Crystal that I am in a relationship and that I am content. She was well informed.

13. As of 12 October 2022, Crystal made the claims via Facebook and other media outlets. I am aware that Crystal is unable to independently disclose such material owing to stroke-related brain damage.

Based on my knowledge of her powers, she must have had aid.

The statement concludes by stating that Bouwers disclosed his relationship to Pretorius and expressed his happiness.

It reads: “Because we were unemployed upon our return to South Africa, we had to cover the following: daily living expenses, school fees, medication, Tygerberg Hospital fees, private GP visits when Crystal became ill, food, fuel, diapers, toiletries, clothing for our daughters, and larger sneakers for Crystal to accommodate the AFO on her right foot.

“The allegation that I purchased sneakers in South Africa for myself is simply not accurate.” Not with the monies raised, but while living in Dubai with my wife and children, I purchased the sneakers I owned.

“I sincerely believe that establishing a timeline from 2020 to the present will shed light on the baseless accusations made against me. In the previous two years, we have encountered a variety of occurrences.

“Despite our best attempts to absorb the changes in motion, the emotional weight and post-traumatic stress, and Crystal’s decision to separate and move out of the home we shared with my parents, we were unable to prevent the loss.

“My attention and emphasis will be on our three lovely daughters, and I humbly request that we be allowed to go through our private proceedings without dragging our families, loved ones, children, friends, and employers into unsubstantiated rumors and social media sensationalism. I am also really disgusted in the individuals that purportedly manipulate Crystal.”

IOL Entertainment sought a comment from Pretorius. She added that this statement emotionally traumatized her and that she will answer in due time.

»DJ Luwayne Wonder responds to ex-wife accusations«

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