Commentary: Towards Restoring Permanent Peace In Awka

Commentary: Towards Restoring Permanent Peace In Awka

Awka, the capital of Anambra State, stood still on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 when the traditional ruler of the community, Obi Dr Gibson Nwabueze Nwosu (OON) Ezeuzu the second of Awka returned after being outside the country for one year and Seven months. Obi Nwosu left Awka for the United States of America on February 12, 2020, two months after celebrating the 2019 Egwu Uzu festival.

Before leaving, Obi Nwosu, as a seasoned administrator, handed over to the traditional Prime Minister of Awka, known as Otutu Awka, Chief Benjamin Okoye, to be overseeing the affairs of the community in his absence. It is to the glory of God that the traditional Prime Minister handled the affairs excellently, thereby reducing the impact his absence created. Normal Traditional proceedings went on well, except for the ones that must be performed by Eze Uzu himself.

It is regrettable though that during the period Ezeuzu was out of the country, series of lies and rumours filled the air about his personality. However, it is dangerous to wish those in leadership position evil, especially those protecting the custom and tradition of their community.

Remarkably, Obi Dr Gibson Nwosu emerged as the traditional Ruler of Awka after he had undergone all the procedures and processes of selecting the traditional Ruler in Awka. He held various positions in Awka and served the community in various capacities.

During the reign of Eze Uzu the first, Obi Alfred Chukwukadibia Ndigwe, who was from Umuayom of Amaenyi quarters, the Present Ezeuzu, Obi Gibson Nwosu was the President-General of Awka Development Union ADUN Nigeria, a position he served for a two term of Six years. During that time, Obi Nwosu served Eze Uzu the first with humility, dignity and respect. He took the monarch as the father of Awka Community.

Now that it is the time of Obi Dr Gibson Nwabueze Nwosu, Eze Uzu the second to lead Awka, why can’t we give him the same respect he gave to Eze Uzu the first, Obi Alfred Ndigwe? Awka Community, being the landlord to Anambra State Government, needs to be speaking with one voice, respecting the constituted authority, especially the royal throne of Ezeuzu the second.

Furthermore, Obi Nwosu, a retired Squadron Leader in the Nigerian Air Force, served the Government of both old and New Anambra State as the General Manager of the defunct Anambra State Environmental Sanitation Authority ASESA, member of the Asset sharing committee when the new Anambra State was  created as well as member of various taskforces.

Additionally, Obi Dr Nwosu, due to his quality service delivery, served as Chancellor of Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto for fifteen years. Thus, he has continued to attract meaningful development to Awka in addition to leading the community with the fear of the Lord. Obi Nwosu believes so much in the unity of Awka. That is why he has been carrying along all members of his cabinet, drawn from all the thirty-three villages in Awka.

Now that Eze Uzu the second, Obi Gibson Nwosu has returned to Awka, it behooves on all sons and daughters of Awka to support him in the task of restoring the dignity of Awka.

Ndu Awka, let us continue to support Obi Dr Gibson Nwosu, OON, for more robust development of our community. Remember that the community we destroy today will take revenge on the coming generation.

Ndu Awka who are blessed by God should use such blessings to bless the community. The affluent should channel their resources towards the development of Awka, while those that have local and international connection should deploy such for the development of the community.

Let us desist from making Awka an object of ridicule before the international community. Let’s strive to make it the envy of all communities. The time to do it is now.


»Commentary: Towards Restoring Permanent Peace In Awka«

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