Book claims ‘dashing’ Duke of Sussex stopped being a ‘wild lad’ after he met Meghan

Book claims ‘dashing’ Duke of Sussex stopped being a ‘wild lad’ after he met Meghan

A stunning new book claims that before Prince Harry began dating Meghan Markle, he was becoming a “seedy old roué.”

The Duke of Sussex, 38, was also 'quite a wild lad' and had a reputation as a party prince following a decade in the military, the book says
According to the new book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, the Duke of Sussex, at 38, had a reputation for being “quite a wild lad” and a party prince following a decade of military service.

In August 2012, the prince allegedly played air guitar with a pool cue while nude at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas hotel.

According to the book, Harry has since abandoned that lifestyle and is now living in California with Meghan and their two young children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, who was born in June of last year.But the book says Harry has now left that life firmly behind and is enjoying life in California with Meghan

Written by Valentine Low, it describes how Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton was appointed as Harry and William’s part-time private secretary before they became full-time working royals, as reported by The Mirror.

He had to “chart a course through life” for the young royals, although Harry’s situation was “more difficult.”

Low states, ‘The younger prince was a dashing figure, piloting an Apache helicopter, and was highly invested in children’s health through organizations such as Well Child. However, he used to be quite a wild child.Prince Harry was saved from turning into a 'seedy old roué' when he met the former Suits actress (pictured in a publicity shot for the series)

The 38-year-old Duke of Sussex had a reputation as a party prince following a decade of military service, according to the book.

According to the book, Harry has since abandoned that lifestyle and is now living in California with Meghan.

The former Suits actress observed that Prince Harry was becoming a “seedy old rake” (pictured in a publicity shot for the series)

Valentine Low claims Before he started dating, Prince Harry was becoming a “seedy old rogue.” MeghanValentine Low claims Prince Harry was saved from turning into a 'seedy old roué' when he started dating Meghan

The charges are made in the new explosive royal book Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown (pictured: the front cover of the book).

When Harry was young, his faults were easily forgiven. But when does a wild youth become a shady old rogue?

‘At the time, there was no cause for concern; it was merely something to monitor.

‘Eventually, the issue would resolve itself, but not in a way that Lowther-Pinkerton or anybody else had anticipated.

The wild youth passed away the day that Harry met Meghan Markle.

Yesterday’s publication of the book coincides with reports that worried royal servants reported ‘feeling nauseous’ prior to working with the Sussexes.

Mr. Low, a Times royal journalist, made the assertions while promoting the book on Good Morning Britain.

According to the book, a ‘paranoid’ Prince Harry would conduct ‘loyalty tests’ on Palace employees to determine if they were still ‘fighting for him.’

Mr. Low also stated that the Duke of Sussex would search for evidence of what he termed “the Palace syndrome,” which indicated that the royal household’s workers had become “institutionalized.”

Prior to meeting Meghan Markle, he became ‘obsessed’ with the media, he believes the Prince saw this as a ‘key symptom’

Mr. Low addressed reports on Good Morning Britain that royal servants who had worked with the Sussexes during their time as frontline royals had formed a group dubbed the “Sussex Survivors Club.”

The claim was made in his latest book, citing royal sources who also claimed that Meghan’s staff referred to her as a “narcissistic sociopath” and repeatedly said they felt “played.”

When asked by the host of Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid, if staff had developed a “club” called the “Sussex Survivors’ Club,” he responded, “Absolutely, sure.”

Ms. Reid responded, “What did they endure?” Mr. Low stated, “I believe it was a challenging experience for some of them.

“As I disclosed the previous year, there were reports that Meghan bullied personnel.” People told me of people being absolutely annihilated.

“I heard employees at the time, when presented with the possibility of meeting Meghan, were saying things like ‘I feel sick’ and ‘I’m shaking’ – unusual things for an employee to say about the potential of seeing their employer in thirty minutes.”

Mr. Low did concede, however, that the courtiers may have contributed to the couple’s abrupt ‘Megxit’ from frontline royal duties in January 2020.

He stated, “In a sense, the courtiers are to blame.” They were surrounded by those who believed in Harry and Meghan and desired to assist.

In the first year or two of their marriage, though, there were indications that Harry and Meghan were unhappy.

And nobody did anything about it. No one picked it up, nobody flagged it, and there were no major debates with the institution’s most senior courtiers.’

Nonetheless, he determined that it “would not have made a difference.”

He continued, ‘I don’t believe there was ever a point of convergence between what Harry and Meghan desired and what the Royal family and Queen felt able to provide.’

Mr. Low also discussed allegations that Prince Harry conducted “loyalty tests” on staff with Good Morning Britain.

Mr. Low stated, “This has been festering for quite some time – before Meghan. Harry was preoccupied with the media. He felt really miserable.’

An excerpt from his book states, “He would constantly use this expression, ‘the palace syndrome,’ when you refuse to fight the fights he wants because you have been institutionalized.”

Giving in to the media was a crucial indicator of whether or not a person had developed it.

It was an ongoing test of loyalty: ‘Will you protect me? Or have you simply joined the ranks of those who will not fight for me?’ It was tiresome.’

Mr. Low asserts that things have only become worse since he began seeing the Duchess.

In his new book, he writes: ‘Harry’s infatuation with the media, his sense of dissatisfaction that he wasn’t achieving everything he might, his skepticism of the other families’ courtiers, and his continual loyalty tests of his own staff were all present before Meghan arrived on the scene.

After her arrival, however, the situation would rapidly deteriorate.


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