Biden accidentally calls Kamala Harris a “great president” after wishing her a happy birthday

Biden accidentally calls Kamala Harris a “great president” after wishing her a happy birthday

On Monday, President Biden wished Kamala Harris a belated happy birthday and referred to her as a “wonderful president.”

“Kamala’s birthday – she turned 30,” Biden joked during a Diwali-themed celebration. The vice president turned 58 on October 20. He wished a great president a happy birthday.

Since assuming office, the president has lost his position to his second-in-command due to frequent word errors.

Biden stated in a commencement address at South Carolina State University last December, “President Harris is a proud Howard alum.”

In March 2021, he did the same during a press briefing about coronavirus vaccines. In the same month, he called Harris “the first lady.”

The 79-year-old president had to apologize to the family of deceased Indiana Republican Representative Jackie Walorski last month for forgetting she had died.

“Jackie, are you available?” During the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, Biden posed this question. Whereabouts is Jackie?

Biden was forced to defend his mental and physical fitness for office once again on Sunday, as questions continue to rise about whether the 79-year-old vice president will or perhaps could seek for re-election in 2024.

During an interview on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, Biden was confident in his own abilities, but he acknowledged that his approaching 80 years of age was a ‘worry’ to some voters.

Biden elaborated on his own mortality by stating, “I may contract an illness or die tomorrow.”

I believe it is reasonable to be concerned about anyone’s age, including my own. I believe that to be quite legitimate,’ stated the president.

“However, the best way to judge me is to, you know, observe me. Specifically, am I slowing down? Am I not moving at the same rate? Or, you know, and that old joke – everybody speaks about the new 70s, 50s, you know, all that stuff.’

I do not wish to cast a spell on myself, but I am in wonderful health. The president stated that all of his physical and mental faculties continue to function normally.

Voters’ growing skepticism of Biden at age 79 coincides with his sluggish job approval ratings, which have stayed in the mid 40s for months after falling for the most of his tenure.

However, the majority of surveys still have him ahead of his vice president, Kamala Harris, whose abysmal favorability has Democratic election watchers concerned about who would succeed Biden.

Nevertheless, Biden praised Harris during his Sunday show interview.

First of all, she’s incredibly intelligent. She has a ramrod-like backbone and incredible integrity,’ he remarked.

She is extremely, extremely well-informed, particularly on matters of foreign affairs and national security. Therefore, I consider her to be highly, extremely qualified.

He wanted her be included in all White House meetings and decisions.

‘We engage her in everything,’ Biden said.

»Biden accidentally calls Kamala Harris a “great president” after wishing her a happy birthday«

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