Australians’ opinions on men in dresses are disclosed

Australians’ opinions on men in dresses are disclosed

Australians’ true feelings on men wearing dresses were exposed in an online debate, but are they a true reflection of how the nation thinks about guys who dare to challenge gender norms in fashion?

In a Reddit post that went popular this week, the question “If you spotted a bloke in a dress, what’s your first thought?” was posed.

The ad said, “I’m curious to see how Australians feel about males wearing dresses.” Not in a “taking the piss” manner, simply in a way that’s appropriate for regular wear.

Very few of the answers were unfavorable; the majority were either positive or neutral.

I’m certain that if males all began wearing dresses, all dresses would afterwards get pockets.

One of the most common answers was: “Wow, a guy wearing a dress. That is unusual to see “I would then go with my business.

Several individuals repeated it, including one who said: “Go on with the day. It’s 2022. So whatever works.

“It’s a guy who wants to be in a dress, and it’s none of mine or anyone’s effing concern,” I would say.

Another person said, “Bucks night probably, that’d be my first idea.”

One person shared a story of seeing two trans persons wearing dresses while driving along the main street of Mayfield in Newcastle with his dad, who was described as “not the most open-minded of fellas.”

One was a yellow sundress, while the other was an evening gown in “fire engine red,” complete with shoes, matching lipstick, and a “sparkly” purse.

“My Dad said that” “At this hour in the morning, fancy donning crimson. Nice shoes”.

That is when I realized I could tell my father I am gay.

One lady said that a guy who often visited the local stores wearing a dress was the topic of rumors “but not for the reasons you assume” in the “little rural village” where she was raised.

She said that nobody gave a damn about the clothing. He didn’t shave his legs, smeared his lipstick, and didn’t straighten his clothing, which they found disturbing.





Mostly the responses on reddit were either positive or neutral and very few were negative


The general opinion was, “If you’re going to make a fashion statement, at least put some damned effort in!”

They may have come from the right-wing heartland, but in their own unique manner, she said, they showed true equality. “Those are the exact same objections they’d have had about a woman wearing the same thing,” she remarked.

Christian Wilkins claims he has endured unending trolling for his daring attire, despite the fact that many Reddit users have favorable reactions to guys who wear dresses.

Wilkins said that the SBS trolls were following him because he dared to challenge gender norms by appearing on the 2022 Logies red carpet wearing a white backless gown.

“People were urging me to overdose and calling me a shame,” she said. I mean, I was very shocked to learn that the patriarchy was so weak that a scrap of white silk could topple it, Wilkins remarked.

The model and actor expressed his genuine amazement at the level of criticism directed at his clothing decision and expressed hope that he would encourage others to be who they really are.

To tell the truth, he said that he was “very astonished” by the disparity between the nature of his purported offense and the reaction.

I went to the Logies wearing a white dress; I’m not leading the Stonewall riots [protests by members of the LGBTIQ+ community in New York in 1969]. Come on, like.

Wilkins was informed by detractors that his parents would disown him because of his attire.

I know that’s not true, and I know for a fact that I really make my parents extremely proud, so I believe the reason I’m able to go out there and do what I do and wear what I wear is because I know that. he added.

As a child, I always kind of like everything shiny and pink.

I never felt like wearing dresses was really encouraged. However, my parents assured me that they would give their full consent if I wanted to.

»Australians’ opinions on men in dresses are disclosed«

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