Alyssa Conley’s “Tropika Island of Treasure: All-Stars” injury cost her a lot

Alyssa Conley’s “Tropika Island of Treasure: All-Stars” injury cost her a lot

Alyssa Conley, a former competitor on “Tropika Island of Treasure: All Stars,” said that she thought the show may help her with her medical bills.

During a challenge in one of the show’s episodes, Conley hurt her knee. Two days later, she was flown back to South Africa where she could get the required medical attention.

She described the lack of assistance she got after being hurt, not having anybody by her side, and the length of time it took for her to visit a doctor before being prescribed painkillers.

She said in many videos uploaded to Instagram that she was transported home two days after the accident and that the production did not provide much help.

She claimed, “After my MRI scan, I was left to fend for myself; I had no access to pain medicine; I slept on the sofa; my room was on the second story without a lift; and I had to walk on this leg to obtain food.”

Conley discussed what transpired once she returned to the nation in an interview with IOL Entertainment, and she also discussed if she had any support at the time.

She said, “They made me think that they may,” when asked whether production helped cover the expense of her operation.

When she was first hurt, she was rushed to the hospital, treated there, and had an MRI done. Two days later, she had to be returned to South Africa as quickly as possible.

She had to undergo further testing when she saw a doctor in the nation because of the severe edema that had developed after her travel.

The athlete stated that she had spoken with many members of the show’s production company, Cardova Productions, and that they had given her the idea that they would help.

“In the email, they advised me to go to the doctor and let them know what the results were. Please provide us the orthopedic surgeon’s quote.

“I gave Michelle a call. I informed her that they had advised more scans due to my edema. Who should I address? She responds, “No, go ahead, keep the receipts, and we’ll pay you back.”

“I followed the instructions to the letter. Never once did I work alone. I made sure I received the message and that everyone was informed of the situation.

Conley said that after sending the quotations, she received the response, “Sorry we can’t help you.”

She was informed that the vacation insurance, which is a UK travel insurance, was the cause and that it could only cover accidents that occurred in the Seychelles, but Cardova Productions advised her to return to South Africa for better medical attention.

Conley claims that she has contacted production and requested that they at the very least help her with a co-payment and her physiotherapy costs because her medical assistance reserves are exhausted.

She said that the amount she was requesting was in the range of R25,000 and R30,000.

Conley claims that she went public with her tale after having her requests for help refused twice after being led to think that there was travel aid available to her.

Conley claimed that as an athlete, the injury has now prevented her from working in various capacities. Her ambitions to prepare for the 2024 Olympics have been hampered by the nine-month delay.

The show’s PR was contacted by IOL Entertainment for comment, but no answer had been received at the time of publishing.

»Alyssa Conley’s “Tropika Island of Treasure: All-Stars” injury cost her a lot«

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