Albanian thugs share kidnapping and beating videos to scare competitors

Albanian thugs share kidnapping and beating videos to scare competitors

Extremely violent social media films are being used by ruthless Albanian gangsters to wage a “hidden suburban war” for control of the lucrative UK cannabis companies.

Horrific TikTok footage uncovered by the Mail depicts gang leaders using kidnappings, false incarceration, and severe beatings to assert control over a network of drug labs hidden in residential houses across the nation.

The videos, some of which have had more than 10,000 views, portray badly injured victims wailing in pain or screaming for assistance as a stern message to those who cross them.

According to criminologists, gangs planned the brutal social media campaign to demonstrate their superiority over competing criminal networks and to recruit new members.

A Mail undercover investigation also discovered that human traffickers offered illegal immigrants the opportunity to work in cannabis farms in the United Kingdom in order to pay off their debt upon arrival.

It comes as the Border Force union warned the Home Secretary that the increase in criminal migrants poses a “serious threat” to national security, with typical asylum applicants being replaced with “young, fit males” suspected of having links to organized crime.

Albanians accounted for almost sixty percent of Channel migrants throughout the summer, and up to seven thousand are believed to have reached the United Kingdom so far this year; it is suspected that many of them have been lured into the vicious criminal underworld.

With 1,528 detainees, Albania had the biggest number of foreign nationals in English and Welsh prisons last year, nearly double the next highest country.

A TikTok video with over 11,000 views and the description “evil comes from us” depicts an Albanian interrogating a prisoner with black, swollen eyes to coerce him into confessing he broke into their cannabis business and naming the man who sent him.

A second man is recorded in the same video being threatened with additional beatings if he refuses to speak and being forced to open his lips to display his damaged teeth. In Slough, Berkshire, on a suburban street, he explains how they were pursuing a cannabis residence.

One of the assailants can be heard yelling in Albanian: ‘Torture him until he names the rest of his gang’ Another recently deleted video depicted a bleeding guy sobbing while being viciously beaten, with one of the assailants yelling: ‘Torture him until he names the rest of his group

Additionally, there is a yell of “Kill him!” Do not let him go’.

The Albanians captured the English cannabis house robber, according to the caption accompanying the video that received nearly 10,000 views before being withdrawn.

A third video depicts five Albanians armed with knives, machetes, and axes dancing and rapping in a clip with the phrase, “Ready to break into cannabis residences.”

One of them brandishes an axe toward the camera and raps in extremely accented English, “Remember this, every time I see that child, he’s going to repent what he done”

Another video depicts a masked gang armed with machetes, knives, and hammers breaking through the front door of a supposedly London-based cannabis residence.

Separate footage depicts two individuals breaking into a marijuana grow home. A person wearing a black balaclava and holding a machete pounds on a closed door while an Albanian inside desperately screams for assistance.

Ervin Karamuco, a professor of criminology at Tirana University, stated that the narcotics activities of Albanian organized crime gangs now equal those of the original Italian mafia gangs.

He stated, “These posts are not only meant to scare, but also to promote themselves as the most formidable criminal organizations in order to recruit new members.”

It is comparable to a competition. They are vying for control of territory and urging others to join them because “we are much stronger than the opposing gang.”

These populations already dominate major portions of London’s suburbs and other sections of the country.

They are quite violent. They have no disadvantages. They only seek to seize power and amass wealth.

Trafficker instructs migrants to earn their £10,000 passage to the United Kingdom by working in his cannabis factory or brothel as prostitutes.

A human smuggler from Albania urges illegal immigrants to finance their travel by working in his cannabis business in the United Kingdom or transporting drugs after arrival.

He stated that women might also work as prostitutes in his brothel.

The trafficker, who advertises on a TikTok page with more than 2,000 followers, promised indentured servitude to an undercover reporter acting as a UK-bound consumer.

He stated that the cost of smuggling her into the nation on a tractor-trailer was £10,000, but there were alternative payment methods if she did not have the full amount in cash.

Giving his name as Maringlen, which is likely to be a pseudonym, he told a female reporter who contacted him, “I transport individuals from Albania to England.”

If you do not have the funds, you must work one month for me until the debt is paid in full.

If you enjoy your job, you can stay, but if not, you can go.

He stated that he had “many employment” available, including working at cannabis dispensaries.

He stated, “I have girls, car washes, and lap dance clubs.”

He requested that the woman email a bikini photo and told her, “With that body, you’ll attract customers.”

After confirming that she possessed a valid driver’s license, he added that she might work delivering drugs.

The trafficker, who claimed to have moved to the United Kingdom at the age of 16, stated that he had previously smuggled other individuals into the country, including “three girls on the back of a lorry.”

His TikTok page is loaded with advertisements for Albanians wishing to travel to the United Kingdom by truck at “great pricing.” It also has images of men wearing masks in cannabis houses.

The Daily Mail alerted TikTok to the existence of the trafficking sites, after which TikTok blocked them.

Another recent inquiry uncovered Albanian males who began working in a London cannabis home days after illegally entering the United Kingdom on a tiny boat in order to repay £5,000 to people smugglers.

They informed Albanian television reporter Ervin Koci that their occupation was “hazardous” due to the possibility of police raids or attacks by rival gangs, as well as the potential of having acid thrown in their eyes or being murdered, but they had no choice but to stay until they had fulfilled their debts.

A TikTok representative stated, “This stuff has no place on TikTok.” We do not permit content that supports or shows human smuggling.

We collaborate closely with UK law enforcement and business partners to identify and remove content of this sort, and participate in the National Crime Agency’s joint action plan to combat online organized immigration crime.

He added that the gangs also attempt to recruit new members by utilizing social media to flaunt their lavish lifestyles and display their fancy cars and accessories.

‘At first, these gangs only used firearms; now, they employ technology.

They are growing more intelligent and sophisticated, with men who know how to leverage social media most effectively. It is well organized.

Additionally, they use social media to bring new gang members into the United Kingdom.

The horrifying films surfaced amid a string of tragic incidents illustrating the scale and ferocity of the suburban war conducted between competing Albanian and occasionally British gangs in cities and towns ranging from Tunbridge Wells to Taunton.

Police arrested an Albanian gang last month for reportedly kidnapping a 30-year-old man for four days and demanding £400,000 ransom.

The individual was allegedly abused and tortured during his kidnapping in east London due to unpaid debts.

Last week, the National Crime Agency conducted raids to free him, charging five men and one woman with crimes including kidnapping, false detention, and threat to kill.

This month, two thieves who fatally stabbed an Albanian during a failed effort to steal cannabis plants worth about $100,000 were sentenced to life in prison.

Renato Geci, 21, was murdered with a kitchen knife and his brother Vilson Geci, 29, was attacked with a screwdriver and had acid sprayed in his face after Shaddai Smith, 32, and Jason Sebran, 38, stormed the ‘advanced’ drugs factory in a residential west London street where 200 cannabis plants were kept in March of last year.

This week, six Albanians were sentenced to prison for cultivating cannabis worth over £300,000 in a derelict shop on Market Street in Rhyl, North Wales.

Three Albanians were imprisoned last month after police discovered they were in possession of about £300,000 worth of cannabis and cash after armed masked men broke into their Bradford home and assaulted them.

After interviewing Glen Xhaferri, 26, Redjon Murati, 28, and Anis Plauku, 29, in the hospital, police discovered their abandoned Audi A5 with £84,000 in black bags in the rear seats near the hospital.

In addition to anti-spyware, a late-night search of their Bradford property revealed 16 bags of cannabis with a street value of over £150,00 and an additional £35,000 in cash.

Former soldier Plauku, who sustained a fractured skull in the attack, and engineering graduate Xhaferri, who sustained head and nose wounds, were both sentenced to three years in prison. Murati, a painter and decorator who suffered a serious wrist wound, was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

A 28-year-old Albanian was detained in Liverpool this week on suspicion of cannabis growing after 400 plants were discovered in a terraced house.

After being notified by the Daily Mail, TikTok removed the videos and suspended many accounts.

A spokesperson for the social media company stated, “TikTok’s Community Guidelines make it clear that violent content is prohibited on the network.”

We prohibit the use of our platform to threaten, incite, or depict violence, and any content found to be in violation of these guidelines will be removed.

»Albanian thugs share kidnapping and beating videos to scare competitors«

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