After NRL player Liam Hampson’s death in Spain’s Sala Apolo, trolls harass his buddies

After NRL player Liam Hampson’s death in Spain’s Sala Apolo, trolls harass his buddies

Trolls have targeted Liam Hampson’s football teammates who spent hours searching for him before his body was discovered in a Spanish club.Liam Hampson, 24, (pictured) was found dead in a Spanish nightclub on Wednesday - around 30 hours after going missing at the same club

Hampson was touring Europe with Gold Coast Titans fullback Alexander ‘AJ’ Brimson and Brisbane Broncos stars Jordan Riki and Jesse Arthars when his body was discovered in the pub Sala Apolo in Barcelona about noon on Wednesday.

The 24-year-old Redcliffe Dolphins athlete had been gone for 30 hours after leaving friends at 4 a.m. Tuesday.

Hampson was apparently looking for a restroom when he became trapped on a rooftop and fell 14 meters over a wall.

Now, as Hampson’s bereaved loved ones struggle to come to terms with the tragedy, his high-profile entourage is subjected to nasty internet comments.

The horrifying taunts are made while the footballer’s family praises his buddies for making his dying days “the happiest of his life.”

On Wednesday, the body of 24-year-old Liam Hampson (pictured) was discovered in a Spanish nightclub, almost 30 hours after he was reported missing from the same club.Trolls have targeted AJ Brimson ( pictured centre alongside his brother Will (left) and Liam (right) cheering on Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain) . Both Brimson and Hampson shared the photo on their Instagram on Tuesday, in what would be the late footballer's final post

AJ Brimson (shown in the center with his brothers Will (left) and Liam (right) cheering for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain) has been harassed by trolls. On Tuesday, both Brimson and Hampson posted the shot to Instagram, which would be the late footballer’s final post.

Brimson received the most of the insensitive comments after sharing a picture of himself, his brother Will, and Hampson attending a European soccer tournament.

While many offered sympathies and condolences, Daily Mail Australia has decided not to publish a small number of nasty messages.

The same troll also posted similar remarks on images on Hampson’s social media account.Hampson is pictured with his mother Lorna Morton holding up beverages at Christmas

Others hurried to criticize the insensitive remarks and rally around the bereaved footballers.

One woman told Aj, “I’m very sorry, please don’t read the hateful comments and then take them to heart.”

“You did everything you could and as soon as you realized anything was wrong, you acted, which is the most important thing; his death is not your fault, I promise; don’t let rude, hateful people get to you.”

Another individual remarked, “This is an awful remark considering you weren’t there.”Liam Hampson was found dead on the floor by venue staff at Barcelona nightclub Sala Apolo (pictured). He reportedly fell from a height of 14 metres

After attempting to reach him for hours, it was his friends that alerted the authorities that he was gone. They are in mourning and must return home without their partner. Consider before you speak.

Hampson’s mother, Lorna Morton, made her first public statement since revealing her son’s passing on Friday, thanking his “tight group of friends” and the community for their support.

She posted on Facebook, “We are very happy that Liam’s last days were the greatest of his life, and we appreciate his tight group of friends who were with him throughout those times.”

The memories he created and the relationship you enjoyed will be in our hearts forever.Hours before his death was confirmed, Gold Coast Titans fullback AJ  Brimson posted a photo of his friend, Liam Hampson in the clothes he was last seen wearing

Christmastime photograph of Hampson and his mother Lora Morton holding refreshments

Ms. Morton stated that the family has been comforted by knowing how much Liam was loved and how many lives he touched.

“As a family, we would want to thank not only his friends, but also the strangers who have sent their thoughts and condolences,” she said.Hampson (pictured) was a key member of the Redlands Dolphins Queensland Cup team

“We are amazed by the love and support we have gotten and would want to thank everyone who gave to the fund, sent flowers, and left us a note.”

Riki created a GoFundMe campaign earlier this week, which generated $72,448 in a matter of hours to bring Hampson’s body home and assist his mourning family.

In the previous month, Hampson and his group of friends shared dozens of photos from their adventurous excursions, including images from Paris, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Munich, and Positano, Italy.

As he chronicled his travels online, Hampson stated in one of his final entries, “my life is amazing.”Hampson's friend and travel mate, Broncos player Jordan Riki issued a series of heart-rending tributes on social media to his 'beautiful brother'Riki raised more than $70,000 for Hampson's family within hours after setting up a GoFundMe

Albert Guijarro, the director of Sala Apolo, told local media outlets on Thursday that surveillance footage showed Hampson leaving the main room of Apolo through an emergency exit despite the efforts of one of his pals to prevent him.

Mr. Guijarro stated that the man then moved through a second emergency door onto a huge terrace before realizing that the doors he had passed could not be opened from the outside.

Liam Hampson was discovered dead on the floor of the nightclub Sala Apolo in Barcelona by venue staff (pictured). Apparently, he fell from a height of 14 meters.

Gold Coast Titans fullback AJ Brimson uploaded a photo of his mate Liam Hampson in the clothes he was last seen wearing hours before his death was confirmed.

The club director stated that Hampson then saw a 50-meter wall, went over it “without thinking,” and fell into a chasm where ducts flow.

Mr. Guijarro stated that Hampson’s path was “extremely clear and lighted” and that he “made a leap towards a location that was not even in the center of his trip,” the reasoning for which was “not well understood.”

After losing contact with Hampson, his friends quickly began a social media effort to locate him, with his missing person poster going viral as Australians and Europeans joined the search for him.

But the search ended tragically 30 hours after he went when he was located by personnel who followed the faint sound of a mobile phone to locate him.

Mr. Guijarro stated, “A mobile phone rang with a sound, but we didn’t know where it was coming from until we realized it was coming from the ducts.”

The venue has extended its “deepest condolences” to Hampson’s family and turned over the surveillance footage to the enforcement.

The police have revealed information regarding the incident that is consistent with the club’s account.

Hampson (shown) was a significant contributor to the Redlands Dolphins Queensland Cup team.

Broncos player Jordan Riki, a friend and travel companion of Hampson, posted a series of heartfelt tributes on social media to his ‘beautiful brother’

Respected Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, citing unnamed police sources, reported: ‘His companions lost sight of him and believed he had felt ill and returned to the hotel.

After what they believed to be a reasonable amount of time, they contacted his family, notified the police, and appealed to the public for assistance in locating him, but he was not in his room when they arrived.

In addition to confirming prior information from authorities that his body was discovered in an inside patio that was not in a ‘public area’ of the club, the publication added: ‘The young man fell from 14 meters into an internal patio and died instantaneously.’

The police have decided, based on a reconstruction of the victim’s activities, that he must have become lost in the venue and sought to leave by way of an emergency exit.

This brought him to an area with a tiny wall, which he scaled without problem, oblivious to the fact that on the other side of the wall was a drop leading to the inner courtyard he entered.

The young footballer Hampson was remembered by his saddened mates as having a “beautiful soul.”

He’d been touring Europe with mates like as Titans fullback Alexander ‘AJ’ Brimson (shown on the right with Hampson) and Broncos studs Jordan Riki and Jesse Arthars.

During his European vacation, Hampson (top left) was accompanied by fellow teenage rugby league stars including Jordan Riki (front left)

“My life is amazing.” The Afalfi seashore was one of the trip’s highlights for Liam Hampson.

Riki posted on Instagram, “I love you, my brother, you lovely spirit.

“I’m at a loss for words. I love you, bro. I’m very sorry.”

Brett, Liam’s father, commented on Facebook, “Waking up to the news no one wants to hear, we are horrified to learn that Liam had an accident and did not survive.”

We are devastated, to say the least. Liam was a beloved son, brother, grandchild, uncle, and friend with a golden heart. Our sorrow cannot be expressed in words. “We cannot thank his friends enough for being with Liam as he had the time of his life and for aiding in the search for our son.” Our thoughts go out to them.

Riki noted in the GoFundMe description that Hampson was “an exceptional talent on and off the football field… assisting teammates… and educating children.”

He wrote, “Liam was a lovely person who brought people together by his love, wisdom, and humor.”

Football talents Kalyn Ponga, Alex Glenn, Reece Walsh, Brendan Piakura, Anthony Don, Paul Sironen, and Charlotte Caslick were among the more than 1,600 contributors.

After the fundraising quickly exceeded its initial $50,000 goal, Riki disabled donations.

Hampson played hooker for the Redcliffe Dolphins and helped guide his team to the Queensland Cup grand final, where they were narrowly defeated by the Norths Devils, 16-10.

Next season, the Dolphins will make their NRL debut under the legendary leadership of head coach Wayne Bennett.

»After NRL player Liam Hampson’s death in Spain’s Sala Apolo, trolls harass his buddies«

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