33-year-old Colombian quit finance to travel with his dogs

33-year-old Colombian quit finance to travel with his dogs

After quitting his 10-year financial career, a guy from Colombia is getting ready to travel throughout South America with his two huskies and make lifelong memories.

Alejandro Lvarez gave off his house in the Medelln neighborhood of San Antonio de Prado as well as his vehicle and motorbike in order to realize his lifelong desire of “Life is a journey.”

The 33-year-old said to DailyMail.com, “Leaving the material stuff behind has not been the most difficult thing to do since I have always been separated from it.” In fact, I didn’t give it a second thought when I chose to quit. I began to sell all I have in order to realize this wonderful dream.

The most challenging aspect of his ambition, according to him, will be being apart from his family for the next six months while he travels around Colombia. For around two weeks of the trip, his mother is going to go with him.

The lone kid said, “But when there is familial affection, it’s the same. Let’s attempt to communicate online by holding virtual conferences.

Lvarez will travel around South America in a secondhand 2007 van that he bought four months ago in the nation’s capital.

He transformed the van into a luxurious mobile home suited for a guy and his two closest friends over the course of the past four months for a total of $40,000.

‘The concept came from my love of traveling with my dogs since it was not very pleasant to go on a motorbike or in a personal automobile,’ lvarez said.

After going to a neighborhood pet shop and seeing that Alaska, age nine, was offered for sale for breeding, he bought her and brought her home. Lvarez outbids every other purchaser.

Celeste, who is five years old, was a present from his ex-girlfriend.

He replaced the original flooring of the car with wood paneling. He also put up a solar panel system on the roof to reduce the amount of gasoline he will need when he stops to rest along the trip.

Lvarez took off the chairs and added a bed, wardrobe, kitchen, bathroom, and workspace. When it’s time to unwind, a projection screen slips down from the ceiling. He wants to put up a water tank this week.

He hopes that his six-month journey across Colombia, which he is documenting on social media, will help people around the world learn about places that aren’t typically visited by tourists.

He will travel 300 miles over the course of two weeks to the Valle del Cauca province on the Pacific coast. Alaska and Celeste, his dogs, will enjoy exploring the El Danubio river as well as the cities of Buenaventura and Cali while he is there.

His furry friends are huge admirers of the outdoors and love going for long walks in the countryside.

Lvarez anticipates beginning his tour of the remainder of South America in 2023, with Ecuador at the top of the list.

After that, he would go by car to Bolivia and Peru before going to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. He also has Paraguay and Uruguay on his agenda, but he’s not sure which he’ll go to first before heading home.

Lvarez said, “I want to fill my life with memories and experiences rather than material goods.”

»33-year-old Colombian quit finance to travel with his dogs«

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