18-year-old is boy imprisoned after being stabbed 27 times

18-year-old is boy imprisoned after being stabbed 27 times

Following a vengeance assault in which he was stabbed 27 times with a machete, a ten-year-old kid who was “one of the youngest persons ever to obtain an ASBO” before developing into a teenage gang leader was sentenced to prison.

Alfie Hodgin, 18, was sentenced to prison on Wednesday after being found “slumped on the floor drenched in blood” with more than £2,000 worth of heroin and crack cocaine.

The boy from Liscard, Merseyside, was employed by an organized criminal organization to help him pay off debt, but instead of paying it off, he took narcotics and the gang’s phone to start his own business.

On July 14, Hodgin was found laying on a roadway in the heart of Ellesmere Port with 27 stab wounds, according to testimony given at Liverpool Crown Court by a group of four men brandishing machetes.

Numerous police vehicles were reportedly sent to the scene of the assault, in which the assailants jumped out of a gray SUV and charged towards Hodgin.

Due to the severity of his injuries after being rescued by an air ambulance, he was hospitalized for two weeks.

However, police would eventually apprehend him after discovering him in possession of £1,220 worth of heroin, £1,100 worth of crack cocaine, and a £1,208 “graft” phone.

According to the Liverpool Echo, Hodgin’s life of crime started in December 2014 when he received an ASBO at Wirral Magistrates’ Court for “terrorizing the community.”

The two-year injunction forbade the kid from hanging out with his buddies in public and forbade him from “harassing, alarming, or distressing members of the public.”

He had his first criminal conviction at the age of 13, thus the banishment did not stop him from obeying the law.

He was imprisoned in 2019 after being discovered in public with a blade. By this time, he had committed a wide range of crimes, including stealing, criminal mischief, violence, and violating his ASBO order.

Liverpool Crown Court (pictured) heard on Wednesday how a gang of four machete-wielding men left Hodgin lying on a street in Ellesmere Port town centre on July 14, with 27 stab wounds

Hodgin and his elder brother John, who was 14 at the time, were thought to be associated with a group that was responsible for a string of crimes in Birkenhead, Merseyside.

After being “accused of being part of a group that flung missiles at cars and yelled obscenities at vulnerable persons,” John also obtained an ASBO only one month earlier.

In February 2021, Hodgin would serve time once again after being discovered with narcotics, a phone, and “a couple of weapons” in his cell.

Before the horrifying vengeance assault that left him laying in a pool of his own blood, the youngster had started distributing Class A narcotics while he was on the loose.

On Wednesday, defense attorney John Weate told the court: “He has lived in a violent and criminal milieu from a very early age, perhaps from infancy, and a full distrust has evolved inside him of adults and others who may on the surface be attempting to assist him.

“This life event, which luckily the great majority of youngsters do not have to endure, has altered everything,” she said. Due to his negative behavior and other troubles in his life, his schooling was entirely and utterly derailed.

He wants to alter the impression that there is a gleam of hope. He seems committed to taking control of his life and doing all in his power to ensure that he doesn’t find himself in this predicament again in the future.

After being pursued by a police aircraft while driving a stolen automobile, his brother is also presently serving a two year and seven month term.

»18-year-old is boy imprisoned after being stabbed 27 times«

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