Woman yells ‘we’re all going to die’ on American Airlines flight

Woman yells ‘we’re all going to die’ on American Airlines flight

A lady was held and handcuffed aboard an American Airlines flight to Los Angeles after allegedly rushing passengers and shouting, “We’re all going to die!”

Police and emergency vehicles arrived at the El Paso International Airport on Tuesday to arrest a woman who allegedly yelled 'We're all going to die,' aboard the LA bound plane

The airline reported that a ‘unruly passenger’ caused a disturbance on a flight departing Miami on Tuesday morning, prompting the plane to divert to El Paso, where the woman was taken into custody by local authorities.

Daniel Leon-Davis, a passenger on the flight, tweeted that the woman allegedly shouted “Repent!” while standing in the front aisle. Following her warning of death, she said, “Redemption will come.”

Leon-Davis stated that she then attempted to rush passengers before flight attendants could restrain her and notify authorities.

The moment law enforcement and fire fighters arrived to assess the airplane and clear it for takeoff is seen on an onboard video.

Tuesday, police and emergency vehicles responded at El Paso International Airport to arrest a lady who allegedly exclaimed “We’re all going to die” aboard a Los Angeles-bound flight.

Did not anticipate that fire crews would have to inspect the plane for risk. But I must admit, this is one of the most bizarre flying experiences I’ve ever experienced. Appreciative of the flight attendants on @AmericanAir Flight AA1125.

— Daniel Alejandro Leon-Davis (@LeonXDavis) September 27, 2022

Daniel Leon-Davis, a passenger on the flight, claimed the woman yelled at travelers to 'repent,' before trying to rush them. The flight crew were able to restrain her

Daniel Leon-Davis, a passenger on the flight, asserted that the woman yelled’repent’ at passengers before attempting to rush them. Flight attendants were able to control her.

In the footage, a flight attendant could be heard informing passengers in Spanish that local authorities would be boarding the aircraft to remove the woman.

The El Paso police did not immediately respond to DailyMail.com’s request for more details about the arrest.

American Airlines spokesman Derek Walls stated that the flight has already left the Texas city and is scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles in the afternoon.

Shocking footage shows the moment an American Airlines passenger attacked a unsuspecting flight attendant - sneaking up behind him and sucker punching the staffer aboard a flight from Mexico to Los Angeles

The event that occurred on Tuesday is only the latest in a string of disruptive passenger conduct that has plagued the airline.

A friend was flying from Cabo to LAX when a man assaulted a flight attendant for denying him access to the first-class restroom. Later, he was detained by fellow passengers and arrested upon landing. The video was photographed by Barrie Livingstone. twitter.com/PntVqWyWs9

— Saad Mohseni (@saadmohseni) September 22, 2022

Shocking video captures the moment an American Airlines passenger attacked an unwary flight attendant, coming up behind him and sucker punching him on a journey from Mexico City to Los Angeles.

Alexander Tung Cuu Lee (pictured attacking the staffer) faces up to 20 years in prison

Alexander Tung Cuu Lee, 33, was arrested on a flight to Los Angeles last week after assaulting a flight attendant.

Lee attacked the unsuspecting employee by creeping up behind him and sucker punching him after he was denied a cup of coffee, as captured by shocking surveillance film.

The incident occurred on Flight 377 from San Jose del Cabo to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Wednesday, after the passenger sought to shift to a seat near the first-class cabin. The passenger was removed off the aircraft after landing in the United States.

Lee, a resident of Westminster, was detained upon arrival at the airport on suspicion of interfering with a flight crew.

Lee, who allegedly intimidated the male attendant before the filmed assault, faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of the federal felony.

The man has been permanently barred from travelling with American Airlines, according to a spokesperson for the airline.

American Airlines does not tolerate acts of aggression against its employees, Walls said in a statement released Thursday.

The individual implicated in this incident will never again be permitted to travel with us, and we will assist law enforcement in their investigation.

Association of Professional Flight Attendants

Alexander Tung Cuu Lee (seen assaulting the employee) could face up to 20 years in prison.

Separate social media footage shows flight attendants restraining the individual following his outburst, as passengers watch in astonishment.

In a statement issued on Thursday, the organization condemned the event as ‘hazardous’ and ‘life-threatening,’ saying that it was consistent with a history of similar attacks on airline employees, placing flight attendants in danger.

The union said that they will do all possible to ensure that the perpetrator is prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law.

This violent behavior jeopardizes the safety of all passengers and staff and must cease, stated Julie Hendrick, president of the national flight attendants association.

The APFA will do everything possible to ensure that the offending passenger is prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.

Despite a 38% rise in U.S. air travelers, the Federal Aviation Administration reports that airlines have reported almost 2,000 incidents involving disruptive passengers this year, down from nearly 6,000 last year.

The majority of occurrences in 2021 and early 2022 included passengers who refused to wear face masks, but a federal judge struck down the federal need for masks on airlines and public transportation in April.

Although the FAA did not track similar reports in previous years, a spokeswoman believes this year’s figure is the greatest ever.

Since declaring a ‘zero-tolerance policy’ against disruptive passengers in January, the FAA has made public possible fines – some exceeding $30,000 – against dozens of passengers and reviewed over 400 incidents.

According to FAA statistics, this is around three times the annual average number of instances over the preceding decade.

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