Woman escapes kidnapper’s Missouri residence with metal dog collar

Woman escapes kidnapper’s Missouri residence with metal dog collar

It was reported that a scared sex slave wearing an electric shock dog collar left her captor’s house.

The lady left Tim Haslett’s Excelsior Springs, Missouri, house on Friday, alleging to have been raped and beaten. She then went to two neighbors to ask for assistance.

The unnamed lady is said to have been kept captive and tied by Haslett, a father of one, for up to a month before escaping his claimed grasp.

The lady was weak and feeble, a metal shock collar around her neck, and she hurried to the doors of several neighbors, pleading for aid, her voice barely above a whisper.

Lisa Johnson, a local resident, saw the roughly 100-pound lady struggling to climb up her porch steps as she was covered in bruises.

Johnson told KSHB News that “she didn’t have much of a voice.” It was mostly a mild “help me” statement.

The trapped lady threatened to “murder [them] both” before escaping to a different neighbor’s house and seeking assistance, prompting Johnson to immediately phone the police. The victim, according to her estimation, had been imprisoned since at least September.

The first search of Haslett’s house has been finished, according to the Excelsior Springs Police Department, but the area is still being preserved in case additional evidence is found that would need a return visit.

According to a police official, “we are searching for indicators of any other abduction that happened along the route while we hunt for proof of kidnap and rape.”

The victim reportedly also informed the authorities that there could be two other victims, according to The Kansas City Star.

Hearing the victim’s cries outside, an elderly lady opened the door for her right away.

According to the elderly woman’s cousin Ciara Tharp, “She heard a woman crying and came banging on the door. When she opened the door, the woman cried, “You have to help me, I’ve been raped, I’ve been kept hostage.”

Tharp said, “My granny could see she was weak. She wasn’t wearing a lot of clothing. She said she could see the ligature marks on her wrists and that she was wearing a metal dog collar around her neck.

The victim also looked to have duct tape over her neck, maybe from when it was wrapped around her lips, in addition to the shock collar.

The elderly lady hurried to give the victim food and a blanket.

Tharp speculated that his grandmother could have managed to get her inside the home just in time.

Others afterwards said they never stopped to converse with their neighbor who was being kidnapped while they were out and about.

Tim Grover, a neighbor, told KSHB News, “I saw him take his kid up and down the street once in a while.”

As the authorities look for other victims, it’s uncertain how long the inquiry will go.

Susan White, a local, took note of the situation on Saturday as police were gathering information.

White admitted to The Kansas City Star that “it’s a little town.” We’ve lived here for a very long time, and the last 1.5 months have been absolutely crazy for this community.

After living in ignorance of her neighbor’s behavior, White claimed the discovery of the rape victim was “shattering.”

It’s simply so absurd, remarked White. “That may have been me.” It may have been my daughter.

She said that the police lights in her room prevented her from getting any sleep. Whether new leads are found, police will decide if they need to go back to the site.

»Woman escapes kidnapper’s Missouri residence with metal dog collar«

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