Utah Woman’s Jailhouse Confession Unveils Chilling Plot to Poison Best Friend for Custody of Autistic Son

Utah Woman’s Jailhouse Confession Unveils Chilling Plot to Poison Best Friend for Custody of Autistic Son

In a shocking revelation, a recent jailhouse phone call by Janie Lynn Ridd, aged 55, has brought to light her disturbing scheme to gain custody of her best friend’s son through sinister means.

This comes more than two years after her parole following a conviction for attempting to harm her roommate, identified as Rachel, with dangerous substances.

Ridd’s arrest in December 2019 exposed her efforts to drug Rachel with sedatives and potentially lethal substances, including insulin and antibiotic-resistant E. coli.

Her subsequent guilty plea in June 2020 led to a sentence of one to 20 years in prison, but she was released after just 25 months.

Revelations from a jailhouse recording indicate Ridd’s fixation on gaining custody of Rachel’s son, Ryder, even threatening to take him once released.

Her obsession with the child, who is non-verbal autistic, was evident throughout their shared living situation.

Rachel, who initially trusted Ridd enough to name her as Ryder’s legal guardian, described the betrayal as diabolical and meticulously planned.

Their friendship, spanning nearly three decades, took a dark turn as Ridd’s controlling behavior escalated over the years.

Ridd’s influence over Rachel grew significantly during periods of vulnerability, including after Rachel’s pregnancy and a career-ending injury.

Ridd’s manipulations extended to legal guardianship and financial control, further complicating their relationship.

Escalating Actions

Incidents of suspicious infections and unexplained health crises plagued Rachel, leading to suspicions of deliberate harm orchestrated by Ridd.

Her attempts to incapacitate Rachel intensified, culminating in legal battles and ultimately criminal charges.

Legal and Psychological Fallout

During sentencing, Rachel spoke of Ridd’s relentless actions causing severe physical and emotional trauma.

Despite defense claims of Ridd’s deteriorating mental state and protective intentions towards Ryder, the court emphasized the severity of her crimes and their impact on Rachel’s life.


Janie Lynn Ridd’s story, now featured in Netflix’s *Worst Roommate Ever*, serves as a chilling reminder of betrayal and deception within seemingly close relationships.

The aftermath continues to unfold as authorities and the public grasp the extent of Ridd’s calculated attempts to seize custody through sinister means.

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