Trans activist who called father a “Nazi” while holding his child apologised

Trans activist who called father a “Nazi” while holding his child apologised

In response to demands for her to lose her position as a Labour MP’s assistant, a trans activist who branded a parent a “Nazi” while he was carrying his infant apologised but claimed the abuse was an effort to “defend” her trans buddy.

During a protest in Brighton, Carly-May Kavanagh, a policy caseworker for Brighton MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle in the House of Commons, can be seen yelling at an unnamed guy while holding a baby in his arms.

More than 750,000 people have seen the video of Miss Kavanagh and a female acquaintance that was released on Twitter.

You’re raising a tiny fascist, the pal warns the guy.

The unnamed individual is then addressed by Miss Kavanagh as a “f****** fascist.” Do you really think it’s a good idea to raise a kid who views you as filthy and this filth? She once approaches quite close to the infant, who doesn’t move.

Miss Kavanagh, a journalism graduate of the University of Southampton who has worked for magazines including NME and The Independent, later made an apology that fell short of apologising to the guy directly.

The transgender community was let down by her behaviour on Saturday, she said in a tweet. I acted inappropriately out of a desire to defend my trans buddy. I apologise for my behaviour and feel ashamed.

“This has been a challenging learning experience for me and ought to teach us all a lesson.” My inappropriate behaviour, which included yelling, is now being used against the transgender community, which we all want to support. I made a mistake, and I won’t make the same one again.

Brighton broadcaster Simon Fanshawe, a former co-founder of Stonewall, addressed an open letter to Mr. Russell-Moyle asking for assurance that he is handling the situation as social media users urged for her to be fired.

It would be comforting to know that you are handling this appropriately and that you will state publicly that you do not agree that your constituents who do hold “gender critical” views are not “fascists” and that, as their MP, you will listen to their concerns and apprehensions about self-ID with an open mind.

She seemed to be protesting against Standing For Women activists who attended a demonstration in a park in Brighton on Sunday.

The Standing For Women event, according to the organisation “Reclaim Pride Brighton,” was a stop on a “transphobic hate tour” that “fascists” were using to “rattle up hatred for trans people.”

The creator of Standing For Women, Kellie-Jay Keen, and other speakers had their addresses interrupted by the demonstrators.

Due to her views on gender equality, Keen has repeatedly drawn the wrath of pro-trans campaigners.

‘Shouting fascist in front of a baby is a very apparent evidence of how this movement is full of sheer craziness,’ the women’s rights activist stated today. I believe that transgender ideology is a very dangerous quasi-religious cult.

It aims to quiet opposition by instilling fear and intimidation. I’ve had two police interviews, as well as one arrest.

After Miss Kavanagh apologised, she said, “This young lady was extremely terrible in her behaviour and still doesn’t seem to grasp what she’s done wrong.” She has just apologised for humiliating her trans supporters; she hasn’t apologised to the father.

Reclaim Pride Brighton demonstrators, who threatened to “bring flags and noisemakers,” interrupted Keen’s speech.

It caused a confrontation between pro-trans and proponents of women’s rights, and images from the incident showed police pulling two individuals away.

The opposing parties had to be divided by a line of police officers, many of whom were wearing black masks.

Following the use of smoke bombs, police made two arrests following skirmishes between the opposing parties. The event drew several hundred people.

‘I see the Be Kind brigade are once again hiding behind their black masks, hurling smoke bombs, screaming’scum’ at women standing out for their sex-based rights, and shrieking insults at lesbians,’ Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who has received death threats from trans extremists, said of the event.

The 57-year-old Harry Potter author made fun of a June 2020 web item that referred to “those who menstruate” rather than “women.”

When making disparaging remarks about the transgender lobby, she has come under attack by trolls. Last year, after her address was published online, demonstrators were seen holding banners outside her house.

Meanwhile, Keen told MailOnline earlier this month that several threats and cautions had been made against her events.

She spoke out after Sussex Constabulary officers were made aware of several threatening communications directed towards her.

Numerous of them called Keen, also known as Posie Parker, a TERF and urged followers to “Fight her by whatever means you see appropriate.”

I have been labelled a Nazi for claiming I don’t believe women have penises, she told MailOnline. I suppose everything is OK if you can depict someone as the most terrible member of society—a Nazi.

“Over the years, I’ve received several threats and been informed that people want my children to have cancer.

Sadly, trans activists often threaten women who advocate for our rights; J.K. Rowling is a perfect example of this.

We get a variety of threatening threats.

I believe that social media in general depersonalises individuals. The phrase TERF has stripped us of our humanity. I suppose there are some extremely troubled individuals in that group.

It’s a highly successful effort to make us think that guys who wish to identify as women are the most vulnerable members of society.

When I was a little younger, I could take my kids with me to Tesco while walking, and a male would sometimes comment on how I looked. Sadly, as women, we are used to these frequent infractions. I consider identity politics as a whole to be poison.

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