The Times published portions from Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown by Valentine Low

The Times published portions from Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown by Valentine Low

According to palace insiders, Meghan allegedly complained about not being compensated for royal tours, consented to an Oprah interview six months before her departure, and drove staff members to tears with bullying and temper tantrums in a shocking new book.

The Times today released the shocking excerpts from Valentine Low’s upcoming book, Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown.

The new book describes how Meghan struggled to see why she needed to shake hands or go on walkabouts during the royal trip of Australia in October 2018.

She allegedly said, “I can’t believe I’m not being paid for this,” according to staff.

In a meeting where Meghan berated a young female staff member in front of her peers over a proposal she had given, the Duchess of Sussex’s attitude toward her workers is also described.

Meghan said, “Don’t worry,” when the lady warned her that carrying out a new plan would be challenging.

If there was really anybody else I could ask to do this instead of you, I would ask them.

According to reports, Meghan has often reprimanded staff members, including one time when a worker offended the duchess due to a mix-up involving the press during an engagement.

When they attempted to phone Meghan, they reported that “She’s not picking up.” Fear grips me.

“This is really absurd.” I can’t help but tremble.

There were many broken individuals, according to an insider. They shattered young ladies with their behaviour.

One employee was “totally wrecked,” they said, by their experience.

In a another occasion, Meghan reportedly yelled at a worker over the phone while she was out to dinner on a Friday night about something she thought she had been let down on.

The employee claimed: “I had to walk outside every ten minutes to endure her and Harry yelling at me. It said “I find it hard to believe you did this. I feel let down by you. What were you contemplating?” It continued for a few hours.

They stated that the calls started up again the next morning and continued “for days.” “You could not avoid them,” the employee added.

Before and during the couple’s travel to Australia, private secretary Samantha Cohen is said to have been “screamed at.”

Sam always made it apparent that it was similar to working for a couple of teens, according to a source. They strained her to the breaking point and were impossible. She was depressed.

According to a friend, “She was always fighting on Harry and Meghan’s behalf while absorbing all this criticism from them.”

Similar to this, she reportedly informed one of Harry’s advisors more than six months before to their engagement that she would soon become one of his superiors.

You are dealing with a really tough woman, David Manning would warn coworkers, one of several of the couple’s royal aides to resign.

Another excerpt reveals that Prince William’s personal secretary Simon Case received an email from the palace press secretary Jason Knauf in 2018 regarding “extremely significant difficulties” with Meghan Markle’s behaviour.

I am quite worried that the duchess was able to force two PAs out of the home in the last year, it said in the letter. The duchess looks determined to have someone in her sights at all times.

In one excerpt, Amy Pickerill, Meghan’s assistant private secretary, was described as refusing to accompany her to an engagement that morning after giving her notice.

Meghan reportedly said, “It’s not my responsibility to coddle people,” after a top adviser reportedly advised Harry and Meghan that staff members should be treated with greater respect.

According to the book, while Meghan’s hairstylist was in London, Harry and Meghan sought to circumvent the restrictions to get a diamond tiara for a rehearsal before their wedding, but palace personnel refused, claiming there was a precise process to be followed.

In reaction, Harry reportedly used sexually explicit language—either about her or to her face—about the Queen’s dresser Angela Kelly, earning him a reprimand from the Queen when she called him in for a secret meeting.

He was firmly put in his place, according to a source. He had been quite disrespectful.

Another source said that Harry was worried about Prince George, the second in line to the throne, overshadowing him when the latter turned 18.

He possessed this item that had a shelf life, the insider said. He had his eyes glued to this. He would contrast himself with Prince Andrew, his uncle.

He used to remark “I have this opportunity to make a difference. I can, hence “George was planning to wait till he was 18 years old. Then I’ll be a distant second.

Additionally, a royal insider told Valentine Low that Meghan threatened to end her relationship with Harry if he didn’t make their relationship known to the public.

She was allegedly saying: “If you don’t put out a statement stating I’m your girlfriend, I’m going to break up with you,” according to an excerpt from the book.

‘He was panicking out, shouting, ‘She’s going to dump me,” a second source said.

There was reportedly a security concern as soon as Meghan landed in London since there was no easy way to provide her full-time police protection, which fueled animosity between the palace and the young couple.

In other places, it was said that the couple’s US team was working on a number of agreements in August 2019, before to their trip to Africa, including ones with Netflix, Harry’s mental health series for Apple+, Meghan’s Disney voiceover, and an interview with Oprah Winfrey scheduled for the fall.

Samantha Cohen, a former assistant private secretary to the Queen, suggested they do an interview with Tom Bradby of ITV for the British media.

The Duke of Sussex consented, despite Meghan’s reluctance, on the condition that they did not do the interview together or appear in the same frame since doing so would be against the terms of their Oprah arrangement.

Additionally, according to palace insiders, the couple received frequent presents from jewellery, perfume, and fashion firms when they were residents at Kensington Palace.

Conflicts with Meghan ensued when their PA declined the opulent presents, according to the rule that members of the royal family should not accept commercial gifts.

On October 6, Headline Books is scheduled to release the book.

The Duchess of Sussex was accused of intimidating royal servants prior to Megxit, although it was previously claimed that Buckingham Palace had suppressed the allegation.

Before she and Prince Harry left as working royals and relocated to California, Meghan was charged with bullying her workers.

The Sunday Times stated that despite the Queen having paid for an independent investigation by a private law company, the findings would never be made public.

It was an effort, according to courtiers, to defuse tensions between the Sussexes and the other royals.

In total, only “four or five” former Sussexes team members have been contacted as part of the Royal Household’s formal investigation into the allegations.

At times, the couple may have employed up to 25 people, many of whom may serve as witnesses.

However, since last summer, none of the people connected to the allegations have been heard from.

Prince Harry was irate because he was “SNUBBED supper with King Charles and William at Balmoral following bust-up when monarch prohibited Meghan from attending mourning royal family at Scottish estate the day The Queen died And the duke missed his flight,” according to a report.

»The Times published portions from Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown by Valentine Low«

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