Swiss Executive Wins £5 Million Compensation After Slip on Baileys at Heathrow Airport Spurs Legal Battle with British Airways

Swiss Executive Wins £5 Million Compensation After Slip on Baileys at Heathrow Airport Spurs Legal Battle with British Airways

In a peculiar turn of events, Andreas Wuchner, a Swiss executive, found himself in a legal dispute with British Airways after slipping on a puddle of Baileys at Heathrow Airport back in November 2017.

His rush to catch a flight home to Zurich was interrupted by a craving for latte macchiatos from Starbucks, setting the stage for a costly mishap.

Balancing a precarious tray of espressos and latte macchiatos, Wuchner failed to notice the spilled alcohol on the floor and ended up slipping, hitting his head and sustaining brain damage.

He argued in court that British Airways was negligent for not placing a floor covering or warning signage in the area, claiming they should have prevented such accidents.

At the Central London County Court, Judge David Saunders ruled partially in favor of Wuchner, acknowledging BA’s negligence but also noting Wuchner’s own rushing contributed to the incident.

The court awarded him 80% of his £5 million compensation claim, a figure still under dispute between Wuchner and British Airways, potentially requiring further legal proceedings to resolve.

Contested Claims

British Airways vehemently contested Wuchner’s valuation of damages, denying that his injuries significantly impacted his ability to work or ruined his business ventures.

Despite Wuchner’s claims of being unable to continue working due to persistent headaches and memory issues, BA maintained their position against the severity of his claims.

Impact on Wuchner

Before the accident, Wuchner had been actively involved in his office supplies company and enjoyed a full social life.

However, the injuries sustained from the fall have left him struggling with ongoing health issues, impacting his daily life and professional capabilities.


Judge Saunders concluded that while BA could have done more to ensure passenger safety in the area, Wuchner’s own actions contributed to the incident.

The legal battle continues as both parties seek to settle on a final compensation amount, highlighting the complexities of personal injury claims in airport environments.

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